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Drug Crimes Lawyers: Sale of a Controlled Substance in or Near School Grounds

Let’s look at this drug charge – selling a controlled substance at or near a school – for what it actually is. It is a potentially life-changing event that could end up very badly, placing you behind bars for over two decades. If you were arrested for this crime in the state of New York, including the five boroughs of the Big Apple — or you were charged in upstate in cities like Buffalo or Rochester — you need to create a plan of action. This controlled substance offense is considered to be a Class B felony in New York because it happened on or near school grounds. This charge includes the alleged sale of illegal substances around childcare facilities and other kinds of specific learning centers. If this new drug charge becomes a conviction and a part of your permanent record, it will affect your future employment, residential, and business opportunities and negatively impact your family’s well-being. It’s important to take this type of drug charge as an opportunity to search for a qualified New York criminal defense lawyer.

What Kind of Legal Help Do I Need?
At the Spodek Law Group, our passionate attorneys have tried many cases like this, always working diligently to secure the best outcome for our clients. We know that a good attorney will help you could consider options such as getting the case dismissed for lack of evidence or other technicalities, copping to a lesser plea and accepting a plea bargain, or going to trial and trying for an acquittal. If you were guilty of this crime, then you could be subject to a maximum of __ years in state prison. If you have committed other past offenses, especially related to drugs, you could be subject to worse penalties than a first-time offender. People who have immigration issues could be subjected to deportation or denial of visas/residency if they have a drug charge. If you ever want to work with children, a conviction could potentially bar you from ever working in childcare or school facilities in the future. It’s important for you to immediately obtain the best legal help that you can afford and get this matter resolved.

Maximum Jail Time
While selling drugs is very serious, it also comes with penalties similar to homicide, armed robbery, and other violent crimes. If you are convicted one time of this Class B felony, you could receive a maximum of 25 years in prison. This is a harsh sentencing guideline.

What You Should Know About criminal Drug Offenses in NY
The law’s heavy sentencing for this offense seems to tell the story to which you should definitely pay attention. This crime is much more severe in terms of repercussions than driving under the influence or being caught in possession of a controlled substance in a non-school setting. The convicted person could start out selling at the age of 20 and come out a middle-aged person, having missed more than
two decades of life in the real world. Make no mistake that you need a qualified lawyer to represent you for this type of case. To protect your freedom and your future employment opportunities, look for a licensed New York attorney who has represented other clients for other drug charges like this one. At SLG, our attorneys are passionate about their jobs as defenders of the accused. We have assisted many defendants with fighting their charges in state and federal courts. You have attracted the attention of law enforcement with this case, and now, the prosectuors are going to try to get you to receive the maximum penalties under the law.

This Serious Matter Deserves the Best Legal Representation
We understand how serious this accusation of selling a controlled substance near an educational facility is. You deserve to have your day in court and make your case for your innocence. You deserve to have a qualified legal advisor review all evidence that will be compiled to substantiate this charge. If we consult on this matter and decide to take your case, we will advise you every step of the way. If you have related issues, also called collateral cases, such as immigration or family law cases pending, we will help you understand how your drug investigation filed with the District Attorney’s office impacts them. While this case represents more than just a lapse in judgment, it must be handled with care, so you aren’t unduly convicted of a crime. We recognize this case may be your first offense and, therefore, you’re very concerned about securing a favorable outcome. Because your future is at stake, protect your rights by hiring an experienced New York drug defense attorney today!

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