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Denver PPP and EIDL Loan Fraud Lawyers

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Shield Your Business From the Devastating Impact of PPP Loan Fraud Charges: Proven Tips and Strategies


The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) emerged as a lifeline, a much-needed financial relief for businesses struggling amidst the ruthless rampage of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, with billions of dollars up for grabs, the program inevitably attracted fraudsters, setting traps for unsuspecting business owners. To protect your business and prevent your hard-earned reputation from being tainted by PPP loan fraud charges, which can lead to crippling fines and imprisonment, follow the tips and strategies outlined in this article.

Common PPP Loan Fraud Charges That Could Destroy Your Business

There are various ways in which businesses can unknowingly fall victim to PPP loan fraud charges:

Loan Stacking: This term refers to when a business receives multiple loans from different lenders, a direct violation of federal law. To avoid this type of fraud charge, diligently keep accurate records of all loan transactions and maintain an open and transparent communication channel with your lenders.

PPP Loan Application Fraud: If you misrepresent information on your application and get caught, it could result in federal fraud charges. Always provide accurate information related to the number of employees, their classification, SBA eligibility criteria compliance, and other relevant details.

Fraudulent Loan Certification: Falsely certifying that funds received are essential for business operations or using them for unauthorized purposes can land you in hot water, and even criminal prosecution.

Using Funds Inappropriately: Be cautious when allocating PPP funds. These should only cover authorized expenses such as payroll costs, rent/mortgage interest payments, and utilities; otherwise, you risk facing severe legal action.

Fraudulent Forgiveness Certification: If you are found guilty of providing false information during the forgiveness certification process, you could face hefty penalties, including jail time.

Essential Tips for Dodging PPP Loan Fraud Charges

Follow these tips to safeguard your business from fraud charges:

Engage Experienced Legal Counsel: To protect your business from the chaos that ensues from allegations like these, seek guidance from experienced lawyers like those at Oberheiden P.C., who boast a successful track record in defending clients against similar accusations.

Accurate Record Keeping: Rigorously maintain comprehensive documentation of all loan funds received and their application. Meticulously submit any necessary paperwork to your lender to prove the accuracy of your application.

Transparency with Your Lender: Be honest with your lender regarding the use of funds, promptly submit all required documentation, and maintain open, ongoing communication throughout the process.

Regularly Review Your Records: Periodic reviews of records can help you identify inaccuracies or inconsistencies ahead of time, thereby reducing the risk of PPP loan fraud charges.

Smart Strategies for Shielding Yourself Against PPP Loan Fraud Charges

Strategy Description
Engage Experienced Legal Counsel Avail the services of experienced lawyers like those at Oberheiden P.C., who excel at defending clients against similar accusations and help them emerge unscathed.
Accurate Record Keeping Maintain thorough documentation of all loan funds received and utilized. Diligently submit any required paperwork to your lender to prove the accuracy of your application.
Transparency with Your Lender Keep your lender in the loop regarding the allocation of funds, submit all necessary documentation, and foster an open communication channel throughout the entire process.
Regularly Review Your Records Consistently review your records to stay ahead of the game and detect inaccuracies or inconsistencies, thereby reducing the likelihood of PPP loan fraud charges.


The PPP loan program has acted as a savior for countless businesses during these unprecedented times. However, with the increased risk of fraudulent activities associated, extra caution must be taken. To evade disastrous repercussions such as fines or imprisonment stemming from PPP loan fraud charges, turn to esteemed legal counsel from experienced lawyers, like those at Oberheiden P.C. Furthermore, striving for accuracy in your record-keeping efforts and always maintaining an open and transparent relationship with lenders will ensure you stay out of trouble. Protect your business, and don’t let PPP loan fraud charges destroy everything you’ve worked so hard for.

Denver PPP and EIDL Loan Fraud Lawyers

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