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Defending Against Prostitution and Solicitation Charges in Florida

Defending Against Prostitution and Solicitation Charges in Florida

Getting charged with prostitution or solicitation in Florida can be really scary. But with the right defense lawyer, you can fight the allegations and protect your freedom. This article will break down Florida’s prostitution and solicitation laws, penalties, police tactics, and legal defenses to help you understand your options if you’re facing charges.

Florida’s Prostitution and Solicitation Laws

Under Florida law, “prostitution” basically means agreeing to engage in sexual activity with someone else in exchange for something of value, like money. Both the prostitute and the customer can face criminal charges.

“Solicitation” is when someone entices or lures another person into prostitution. This includes offering to pay someone for sex. Solicitation often involves undercover cops posing as prostitutes to catch potential customers.

Penalties get harsher if the prostitute is under 18 years old. Using a computer to facilitate prostitution is also illegal in Florida.

Common Police Tactics

Florida cops use all kinds of sneaky tactics to catch people in prostitution and solicitation stings, like:

  • Using female cops as “bait” to get solicitation offers
  • Tapping phones and reading texts to identify prostitution activity
  • Sending undercover cops into massage parlors and strip clubs

While these methods are sneaky, they don’t always hold up in court. Skilled lawyers can challenge the investigation tactics.

Avoiding Prostitution & Solicitation Charges

The best way to avoid prostitution and solicitation charges is simple – don’t break the law! Here are some tips:

  • Never agree to pay money for sexual acts
  • Don’t transport people to locations for paid sex
  • Avoid owning or working in shady massage parlors or strip clubs
  • Don’t post escort ads or respond to suspicious solicitations

Remember, cops often disguise themselves as prostitutes or johns. Don’t take the bait!

Finding the Right Lawyer

If you do get busted, finding the right lawyer is key. Look for a criminal defense attorney with experience fighting prostitution and solicitation cases.Key credentials include:

  • Knowledge of Florida sex crime laws
  • Familiarity with local cops and prosecutors
  • Track record getting charges reduced or dismissed
  • Skill at challenging questionable police tactics

Don’t go with the cheapest lawyer you can find. This is your freedom at stake. Invest in the best defense you can afford.

Legal Defenses Against Prostitution & Solicitation

When facing prostitution or solicitation allegations, here are some legal defenses to consider:


If police used coercive tactics to push you into committing a crime, that may be entrapment. A skilled lawyer can argue you only broke the law because of police misconduct.

Mistaken Identity

If cops nabbed the wrong person, an alibi could prove it wasn’t you. Eyewitness misidentification is common.

No Agreement

Without evidence you agreed to exchange sex for money, there’s no crime. The state must prove this agreement beyond a reasonable doubt.

Unconstitutional Law

Some lawyers argue Florida’s solicitation and prostitution laws are overly broad or vague. This makes them unconstitutional.

Illegal Search

If police searched you or your property illegally, any evidence found may be inadmissible. This could get the whole case tossed.

What Happens If You’re Convicted?

The penalties for prostitution and solicitation convictions include:

  • Up to 1 year in jail
  • Fines up to $1000
  • Permanent criminal record
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Registration as a sex offender

Prostitution convictions also carry mandatory STD testing and completion of an HIV/AIDS course. Penalties get harsher for repeat offenders.

The Importance of an Experienced Lawyer

Fighting prostitution and solicitation charges takes an aggressive, skilled defense lawyer. The consequences of a conviction can haunt you for life.

But an experienced attorney understands Florida sex crime laws inside out. They can carefully analyze the case against you, spot issues with the investigation, and build a strong defense.

In many cases, charges can be reduced or even dismissed. Don’t take chances with your future. Work with a knowledgeable lawyer to protect your rights.


Getting busted for prostitution or solicitation is scary. But an experienced Florida sex crimes lawyer can carefully analyze the case and build the strongest defense. In many cases, charges can be significantly reduced or dismissed.

Don’t wait to seek out skilled legal representation. The sooner you start fighting the allegations, the better your chances of avoiding harsh penalties that could follow you for years to come. With an aggressive defense focused on your rights, you can move forward with confidence.

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