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DEA Suspensions and Revocations

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DEA Suspensions and Revocations

The Spodek Law Group is dedicated to helping healthcare providers with their DEA registrations. Whether you’re a practitioners, pharmacist, distributor, or other DEA registrant, we can help.

Our team of premier DEA defense lawyers can help with an array of issues, such as

There are a number of reasons why the dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA might choose to deny, suspend, or revoke, your dea registration.

  • You falsified your dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA registration application
  • Your state license is suspended, revoked, denied
  • You are excluded from participating in Medicare or Medicaid programs
  • You are convicted of a felony related to a controlled substance
  • You committed an act inconsistent with public safety

Many of our attorneys have experience helping dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA registrants, with their dea registration and state licenses. We can help you defend your dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA registration.

DEA Suspension Orders

When the dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA decides to suspend or revoke your registration, they have to first show a cause on the registrant. In certain situations, if the dea/defense-lawyers/dea-order-to-show-cause-representation/”>DEA determines theres an imminent danger to the public health, then the dea can simultaneously issue a suspension order and an order to show cause. This order to show cause will require you to show why the dea shouldn’t suspend/revoke/deny your registration. The order will have a statement of the reason for issuing the order, along with the facts and laws.

The registrant has the right to request a hearing with an administrative law judge, in order to challenge the dea‘s order to show case. You have 30 days from the date the order is served in order to file a request for hearing. If you fail to request within 30 days for a hearing, that is deemed a waiver of your right to a hearing. The dea could request that final action be taken. It’s important you contact an attorney immediately, in order to preserve your right and prepare a defense to protect your dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA registration.

dea Show Cause Hearing

These hearings are held before a federal administrative law judge. Each party presents their argument. You can submit evidence, and present witnesses. The dea has the burden of proof, and has to show evidence that a violation happened. The ALJ will then determine whether this evidence lives up to the burden, and whether your conduct is against the public interest.

After the hearing, the ALJ will make a recommendation. It is submitted to the dea administrator. If you or the dea disagree with the recommendation, you can submit exceptions. The dea administrator will issue a final decision, either accepting, modifying, or rejecting, the ALJ’s decision.

The dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA looks at the following factors when deciding whether your dea registration is inconsistent with the public interest.

  • Failing to maintain effective controls against diversion of controlled substances
  • Failing to comply with state and local laws
  • Prior federal or state convictions relating to controlled substances
  • Other issues relating to public health and safety

If you are unsatisfied with the final decision, you can appeal the decision further.

Do not surrender your DEA registration

The dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-surrenders/” >DEA frequently reaches out to registrants before taking action and attempting to have registrants relinquish their registration voluntarily. Many providers accept this because they think it’ll help them avoid administrative and criminal action. This is not correct, and you should speak to an attorney first.

  • You will not be able to get dea/defense-lawyers/dea-registration-disciplinary-action/” >DEA registration in the future
  • You could face state licensing action against your professional license
  • You could be excluded from medicare and medicaid
  • You could be reported to your credentialing committee and lose your job
  • Your registration surrender and other disciplinary actions are reported to the National Practitioner Databank

DEA Suspensions and Revocations

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