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HoustonDEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

Getting investigated or audited by the DEA can be a stressful time – especially if it is your first time. While DEA audits and investigations can be regular occurrences for many medical professionals and practices, it doesn’t make it any easier to wonder what they may find or what behavior or information could be taken out of context.

If you know that you’re being audited or investigated by the DEA, your first step is not to panic. Because an audit or investigation of any kind is something to be taken seriously, you will want a clear head and focus when going into the process.

As soon as you are aware of the audit or investigation, you will want to contact a Houston DEA Audit and Investigations Lawyer. With an attorney by your side, you will fully understand the DEA auditing or investigation process.

What is an Audit or Investigation from the DEA?

When the DEA audits or investigates a medical professional or practice, they are looking to see if they are complying with the rules and regulations of the Controlled Substances Act, or the CSA. But whether you’re being audited or investigated can make a big difference to the process and what consequences might come from what is discovered.

About DEA Audits

An audit from the DEA is normal for medical practices and professionals. Because compliance with the Controlled Substances Act is crucial for all individuals who can prescribe to their patients, the DEA will audit randomly every couple of years. Most medical practices or professionals can expect to have at least one audit from the DEA within three to five years. Certain professionals may experience DEA audits more frequently.

In addition to random audits, the DEA may decide to audit a medical professional or healthcare business if they believe their prescription habits are raising red flags. For prescription habits that are not consistent with other professionals or businesses in the industry, the DEA may request additional information or a deeper look into the reasons behind those habits.

When you are audited, there is not necessarily the assumption that something is wrong. However, auditing may turn up information or behaviors that can call for a deeper investigation. So while you do not necessarily have anything to worry about when being audited, it should still be taken extremely seriously.

Working with a Houston DEA Audit and Investigations Lawyer during your audit can help you share the necessary information with the DEA and ensure you come out on top. A Houston DEA Audit and Investigations Lawyer can also help you stay organized and prepared for making an audit easier when the time comes.

About DEA Investigations

An investigation from the DEA should be taken more seriously than an audit. When the DEA makes a decision to investigate a medical practice or professional, they have reason to believe that they are knowingly acting out of line with the Controlled Substances Act.

Investigations usually begin in one of two ways. First, an audit may dig up information or behaviors that do not comply with the CSA, sparking for a further investigation into those behaviors and actions. The second way that an investigation from the DEA can begin is by someone sending them a tip.

An investigation from the DEA does not necessarily mean that they will find something to prove the practice or professional was not following the rules of the CSA, but it is best to be prepared regardless. While investigations can spark from a miscommunication or a misunderstanding, they need to be taken extremely seriously because they can have serious consequences.

When being investigated by the DEA, you will definitely want to hire a Houston DEA Audit and Investigations Lawyer. An attorney can assist you develop a case, protect you from saying something that may get you into trouble, and help you fully understand the extent of your rights and what is expected out of you.

Furthermore, an attorney can help you relieve some stress during the investigation process. By acting as your representative, you can have professional protection from the DEA. Your lawyer will oversee the process and ensure that everything runs smoothly and appropriately.

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