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Daytona Beach Defense Lawyers List the Most Common Violent Crimes They Defend


Daytona Beach Defense Lawyers List the Most Common Violent Crimes They Defend

As criminal defense attorneys in Daytona Beach, we see our fair share of violent crime cases. Unfortunately, acts of violence occur in every city, and our community is no exception. Today, we wanted to discuss some of the most common violent crimes we regularly defend clients against in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas of Volusia County.

Assault and Battery

Assault and battery charges are probably the most common violent crimes we see. Assault refers to threatening violence, while battery is actually committing violence against another person. These charges can range from minor scuffles to severe beatings. Typical cases include bar fights, domestic violence, road rage incidents, and schoolyard brawls. Battery charges are misdemeanors unless a weapon is used or the injuries are severe, in which case prosecutors can upgrade them to felonies.

Defending assault and battery charges requires examining the specific circumstances carefully. Was the client acting in self-defense? Were they provoked? Were they under the influence of drugs or alcohol? We look at police reports, medical records, and witness statements to build the strongest defense possible. Often we can get charges reduced or dismissed through plea bargains or trial verdicts of not guilty.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to violence between family members, spouses, or others in a domestic relationship. Like assault and battery, domestic violence encompasses a wide range of behavior – from verbal threats to physical harm. Police tend to take these charges very seriously, often making arrests on the spot based on relatively little evidence. A conviction can result in a permanent domestic violence restraining order, which severely limits contact with the victim and any children.

Defending domestic violence charges requires a nuanced approach. Oftentimes both parties are at fault to some degree. However, police and prosecutors tend to favor the first person who calls 911. We work to tell our client’s side of the story, gathering evidence and finding witnesses. Many times we can get charges dismissed or reduced through plea bargains or diversion programs like anger management classes.

Sex Crimes

Sex crime allegations elicit a visceral reaction in most people. Simply being accused of rape, child molestation, or other sex offenses can ruin reputations and lives. But these charges are often complex, involving consent issues and credibility determinations. Skilled defense lawyers can pick apart weak cases through investigation and cross-examination of witnesses and victims.

Common sex crime charges we defend include rape, statutory rape, child molestation, child pornography, indecent exposure, and prostitution. Each of these requires a tailored defense strategy. For example, statutory rape may involve consent between minors, or an 18-year-old in a relationship with a 16-year-old. Child pornography charges may stem from sexting between teens, or inadvertent downloads. Solid legal defenses and plea negotiations can lead to reduced or dismissed charges in many of these cases.

Robbery and Burglary

Robbery and burglary charges often go hand in hand. Robbery involves taking property from a person by force or threat. Burglary means illegally entering a building to commit theft or another crime. These charges can be misdemeanors or felonies depending on circumstances like weapons use and value of property taken. As felony convictions, they can lead to many years in prison.

Fighting these charges requires investigating whether the prosecution can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Does the evidence conclusively identify our client? Can witnesses reliably place them at the scene? Are there other plausible explanations? We routinely win acquittals by undermining the prosecution’s case through skilled cross-examination of witnesses and highlighting holes in the evidence.

Weapons Offenses

Florida law restricts the possession, use, and concealment of various weapons including firearms, knives, brass knuckles, and even slingshots. Common charges include improper concealed carry of firearms, possessing firearms as a convicted felon, carrying prohibited knives or brass knuckles, and using firearms during crimes. These weapons charges can lead to heavy prison sentences and permanent loss of gun rights.

Defending weapons charges involves examining the specifics of each case and applicable exceptions under the law. Does the client have a valid concealed carry permit? Were they exempt from restrictions based on occupation or location? Were the weapons truly concealed or carried legally? We routinely get charges dismissed or reduced by applying exemptions many police officers don’t fully understand.

Violent Juvenile Crimes

Most people don’t realize that juvenile courts handle many extremely violent crimes committed by youths under 18. We regularly defend juveniles accused of robbery, assault, rape, weapons offenses, and even murder. The juvenile system focuses more on rehabilitation than punishment, but violent crimes still carry the possibility of detention in juvenile facilities.

Defending juveniles requires a softer touch, emphasizing the youth and immaturity of the accused. We work with schools, counselors, psychiatrists, and other resources to build a fuller picture of the juvenile’s background and needs. Our goal is crafting dispositions focused on treatment, counseling, and rehabilitation rather than strictly punishment. But we still aggressively defend against charges when the evidence is weak or flawed.

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This quick overview shows the breadth of violent crime charges we regularly handle in Daytona Beach. Skilled defense lawyers make all the difference in these high-stakes cases. An experienced advocate can often get charges reduced or dismissed, and win trials when appropriate. Don’t leave your future to chance. Call our office today to schedule a free case evaluation and put a battle-tested defender in your corner.



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