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Daytona Beach Attorneys List the Punishments for Different Violent Crimes


Daytona Beach Attorneys List the Punishments for Different Violent Crimes

Violent crimes carry serious punishments here in Daytona Beach. As local attorneys, we wanted to outline the potential sentences for some common violent offenses. This can help inform residents of the legal risks they face if convicted.

Assault and Battery

Assault refers to threatening violence, while battery is actually committing violence. Penalties vary based on the severity:

  • Simple assault – Up to 60 days in jail
  • Aggravated assault – Up to 5 years in prison
  • Felony battery – Up to 15 years in prison

Sentences often depend on factors like use of a weapon, extent of injury, and prior criminal history. Defendants may raise self-defense or defense of others as justification.

Domestic Violence

Domestic battery in Florida can mean up to 5 years in prison. Strangulation has a maximum 15 year sentence. Other factors like preventing the victim from calling 911 can enhance the penalties. There are also civil consequences like loss of gun ownership rights.

Sexual Battery / Rape

Sexual battery punishments range from 15 year to life sentences under Florida law. Using violence, weapons, or date rape drugs leads to more severe penalties. Defendants sometimes try consent or mistake of age defenses, often unsuccessfully.


For basic kidnapping, Florida imposes up to life sentences if the victim suffers bodily harm. When a kidnapping facilitates another felony like robbery, the sentence can be death or life without parole. Defenses like voluntary intoxication rarely succeed.


Robbery means taking property by force or threat. Armed robbery carries up to life imprisonment under Florida law. Using a weapon or causing grave injury leads to more extreme penalties. Defendants may argue they lacked necessary intent.

Murder / Homicide

First degree murder with elements like premeditation or a violent felony leads to mandatory life without parole or death sentences. Second degree murder carries up to life, while manslaughter means up to 15 years. Defenses focus on negating intent, provocation, or self-defense claims.

As this overview shows, Florida takes violent crime very seriously. The punishments aim to punish offenders and keep the public safe. Still, skilled defense lawyers can negotiate better outcomes in some cases. For more advice on charges in Daytona Beach, contact our attorneys.


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