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Dallas DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

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Dallas DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

Many healthcare providers are accustomed to audits performed by the various government oversight agencies that monitor healthcare activity. Some of these agencies are effectively case workers performing routine audits that all healthcare providers and facilities experience every three years on schedule. But, sometimes government agencies are also investigating facilities by inspecting an entire litany of potential problems that could eventually become a federal or state criminal case. Agents who find systematic activity in the billing and treatment process often are wondering what the information from inspecting payment records and billing inconsistencies is telling them, which surely creates some suspicion. And, when the primary agency conducting the investigation is the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, the final outcome could be real trouble for an involved healthcare provider. This situation is especially true for physicians, pharmacies, and dispensaries who have been under investigation for a long period and identified as part of a larger operation. Anytime the dea comes to your business it is serious business, and contacting your healthcare provider attorney immediately is the first course of action.

dea Intimidation

It is important to view the agents from the Drug Enforcement Agency for what they actually are. The are police officers and they will be there to arrest suspects and confiscate drugs in most instances. The dynamics of the case can make a huge difference. They could potentially arrest management officials, doctors, or pharmacists, along with any staff that is implicated as well. The arrest stage is the intermediate criminal process of most investigations when they arrive with all necessary paperwork. Raiding a healthcare facility is much like any other criminal arrest in that the suspect should never offer any information to the agents. They are not your friends, and anything said by a suspect can and will be used if it helps the prosecution case. And by all means, do not voluntarily relinquish any certifications that the business or any workers hold. These documents must be reviewed by a judge before they can be suspended, and suspension rests on conviction unless they are voluntarily provided. Call a healthcare attorney immediately who has experienced as a former prosecutor and knows how to intervene in your interest even while the raid is occurring.

Large Investigations

Many times healthcare providers and drug dispensation facilities can be part of larger investigations that have left them in the middle in the process. When certain doctors over prescribe dangerous drugs to certain patients, the pharmacies can get caught up in the prescription mill rather easily. Of course, pharmacies and dispensaries can also order certain controlled substance in abundance as well, which also can raise a red flag for the government agents. Intent can be a major defense factor when an unsuspecting drug dispensary facility is a victim of the process as well, and having a former prosecutor handling your case means that any defense could be considered for dismissal when intent cannot be proven and the prosecution gets the entities they are actually pursuing. A reputable healthcare facility attorney can make a major difference from the onset when a provider gets investigated in association with other actors who are instigating criminal activity.

Suspect Employees

Many dea-investigation-lawyers/” >DEA investigations regarding certain drug dispensaries or doctors do not actually target the healthcare provider that works diligently to protect the business both ethically and legally. But, sometimes employees can be problematic. This can especially be a problem when a pharmacist is filling prescriptions from fake doctors or from specific doctors who are writing certain medications in abundance. This can leave a business owner lost for an explanation as to what has transpired. Even when the facility management is not a part of the criminal activity, it is still very important to not provide any information because this power can become essential when the case is finally being adjudicated. Even if the business is not implicated, volunteered information never bodes well for the business owner because they actually stand to lose much more than a suspect employee who may be running a pill scam. Regardless of what happens initially, always call a healthcare criminal defense attorney first.

Dallas DEA Audit and Investigation Lawyers

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