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Criminal Tax Issues

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Criminal Tax Issues

When someone works in the USA, it’s illegal to not report income. This is especially true for business owners. Business owners have certain allowances and exemptions that can be applied to taxes during the year. But your income must be reported. If you siphon income, misrepresent or misreport it, then an investigation may occur from the IRS. An audit is a potential outcome for any individual or business who gains profits and fails to report them. This can result in criminal tax issues, which may require the help of an attorney.

Being charged with a criminal tax issue can be devastating on your business and personal life. The IRS aggressively prosecuted taxpayers who are involved in illegal activities. Since 2005, statistics show more than half of its investigations are prosecuted. 88% of those prosecutions end in convictions, and 79% of those indicted get prison sentences. Criminal tax issues rarely happen in isolation. There is usually a parallel, civil proceeding, and there are other governmental agency investigations as well. Mounting an effective defense can only be done with the help of an experienced criminal tax attorney.

Federal Tax

There are many examples of this. Our firm has experience representing individuals accused of a wide array of financial wrongdoing, tax evasion, conspiracy, aiding and abetting a tax violation, and other forms of tax fraud.

Voluntary Disclosure

This lets taxpayers come into compliance with the IRS, and minimize their chances of being charged with criminal tax evasion.

Eggshell Audits

This can easily result in a criminal prosecution. You must make sure you’re represented by a criminal tax attorney who can minimize the chances of a criminal investigation being triggered.

White Collar

We have experience dealing with white collar financial crimes. We’ve helped many taxpayers who are under government investigation and can work on finding alternative resolutions to indictment.

Employment Tax Crimes

We can help business owners, shareholders, and others, under investigation for employment tax crimes with defense.

Tax Return Preparer Representation

We provide tax return preparer representation to any individual who is charged with tax fraud, tax evasion, or any other violation of an ethical standard for tax practitioners.

Witness Representation

The government is known to turn witnesses into targets(those who will be criminally prosecuted). We provide witness representation in criminal tax proceedings, and can advise you on what to do when it’s not in your benefit to reveal certain information.

Criminal Tax Issues

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