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Criminal Tax Fraud in the Second Degree: NY Tax Law 1805

Criminal tax fraud in the second degree pursuant to the New York Tax Law 1805, is the most common. Under this “C” felony, you can also be charged and incarcerated for up to fifteen years in prison, even if you have no criminal record. This tax crime is reserved for those where the fraud value is less than $50,000 but no more than $1 million. In these cases, the state of New York has the best opportunity to retrieve the fraudulent funds back. There is also a great risk for those who have been charged under the New York Tax Law 1805. Because there is such a potential to be convicted, it is imperative that a New York tax law attorney be contacted immediately. Prosecutors who go after tax fraudsters are tenacious and stop at nothing to get a conviction. Call a skilled professional with the know how to launch a vigorous defense.

Regardless of whether or not you have been charged, you still have rights under the law. If you have been charged with tax fraud in the second degree, you are innocent until proven guilty under New York law. Before you have your day in court, you need to have every i dotted and t crossed. Honestly speaking, your lawyers will likely be in for the fight of their lives. Your attorney is obligated by law to give you an honest assessment of what you are facing. Tax fraud is serious business, and you could be facing additional charges under the same statute.

Under the New York tax law 1805, you could be charged for a number of things. For instance, it would be considered fraudulent if you attempt to defraud the state of New York by failing to disclose tax monies collected at your business. Additionally, if you alter your tax return in an attempt to conceal the fraud, you would be guilty. Only a seasoned New York tax attorney can help you resolve these matters.

Under the New York Tax Law 1805, additional charges may be added including grand larceny, criminal possession of stolen property, falsifying business records and forgery. Beyond the tax fraud, the implications can be extremely severe. Not only will your reputation be dragged through the mud, you will face a great deal of embarrassment and possible imprisonment. There are also issues of your livelihood while dealing with tax fraud issues. Will you be able to keep your job? If you are fired, will you be able to obtain another job? What about law license, visas and other issues.

criminal tax fraud in the second degree is a serious offense that needs serious legal representation. White collar crimes of all types need a vigorous defense. The prosecutors will leave no stones unturned when it comes to making a conviction. If convicted, they will ensure that you receive the maximum penalty allowable by law. Sit down with a criminal tax fraud attorney and get clarity on what you will be facing in the coming months and perhaps years. There is a strong possibility that you may face prison time.

If you are unfortunately convicted of New York criminal tax law, the sentencing guidelines may be brutal. How much time you get is solely at the judge’s discretion.
But a conviction is not etched in stones. If you have a highly-skilled New York tax fraud attorney, you may be able to avoid charges. Even when you have an attorney, it may not be a bad idea to investigate New York criminal tax law in the second degree. There is much to think about before you go to trial and the aftermath.

If you have been indicted on charges of criminal tax law, take the necessary steps to find out your options. Your attorney will speak with you and your family about what is coming. The situation cannot be avoided. It must be addressed with the utmost urgency. Keep in mind that the consequences for committing criminal tax fraud can be extremely bad. It is best that you have a full understanding of the fact that you may end up serving time. Call an experienced tax fraud professional today for more information. All consultations are free.

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