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What to Do if You Are Arrested for a Crime in Sacramento

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What to Do if You Are Arrested for a Crime in Sacramento

Getting arrested can be a scary and overwhelming experience. Even if you’re innocent, being put in handcuffs and taken to jail is frightening. Here’s some advice on what to do if you find yourself under arrest in Sacramento.

Remain Calm and Don’t Resist

First off, don’t panic. Take some deep breaths and stay calm. Arguing or physically resisting will only make things worse. Comply with the officers’ commands, even if you disagree with them. Don’t say anything confrontational–just say “Yes, officer” and do what they tell you.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent

When being arrested, the police will read you your Miranda rights, which include the right to remain silent. You should absolutely exercise this right and refrain from answering any questions. Anything you say can be used against you, so say nothing until you have a lawyer present. Simply state, “I invoke my right to remain silent.”

Ask for a Lawyer Immediately

After invoking your right to remain silent, clearly state, “I want a lawyer.” Repeat this request for an attorney multiple times if need be. Police are required to cease questioning you until you have legal counsel. Don’t say anything more until your lawyer arrives.

Don’t Consent to Any Searches

If officers ask to search you, your car, or your home, politely decline. Say, “I do not consent to any searches.” They may still search anyway, but your lack of consent could help your case down the road.

Note Important Details

Pay attention to the officers’ names, badge numbers, and patrol car numbers if possible. Also take note of the time and exact location of the arrest. Jot this information down as soon as you can–these details will help your lawyer later on.

You’ll Be Searched and Fingerprinted

At the police station, officers will take your personal belongings, photograph you, and fingerprint you. This is standard arrest protocol. If female, you can request a female officer perform the search.

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You Can Make a Phone Call

After being booked, you’ll be allowed to make a phone call. Call a family member or friend first if needed, but then call your attorney. If you don’t have an attorney, call the public defender’s office or a bail bonds company, which can put you in touch with legal counsel.

Consider Waiting Before Posting Bail

After booking, you’ll appear before a judge who will set bail. If you can afford it, you may want to wait before posting bail. Spending some time in jail shows you’re not a flight risk and gets you credit for time served. Consult your lawyer first.

Consider Taking a Plea Deal

The prosecution may offer a plea bargain to plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a lighter sentence. While you shouldn’t take any plea deal without your lawyer’s advice, it’s an option to consider versus risking trial.

Prepare for Your Trial if You Fight the Charges

If you take your case to trial, your attorney will handle presenting evidence and witnesses that support your innocence. You may also choose to take the stand to testify on your own behalf. Your lawyer can best advise if that’s a good strategic move.