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Wellington Extortion & Bribery Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

Wellington Extortion & Bribery Lawyers: Your Guide to Legal Help

Finding yourself in need of an extortion or bribery lawyer in Wellington can be daunting. These types of charges carry serious penalties, so having experienced legal counsel is crucial. This article will provide an overview of extortion and bribery laws in New Zealand, what to expect if you’ve been charged, and how to find the right lawyer for your case in the Wellington area.

Extortion and Bribery Laws in New Zealand

Extortion and bribery are serious criminal offenses in New Zealand.

Extortion involves using threats, intimidation or coercion to obtain money, goods or services from someone. The threats are often around revealing damaging or embarrassing information about the victim if they don’t comply. Extortion is illegal under Section 240 of the Crimes Act 1961 and carries a maximum penalty of 14 years imprisonment.

Bribery involves offering, giving or accepting a financial or other advantage to influence the actions of someone in an official role or position of trust. This could include bribing a public official, law enforcement officer, judge or local council member. Bribery is illegal under Sections 99-105 of the Crimes Act and also carries a maximum 14 year prison sentence.

New Zealand takes a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption. The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is responsible for investigating and prosecuting complex financial crimes like bribery. High profile cases have involved bribes to public officials by major companies like Fuji Xerox.

There are also laws prohibiting bribery in the private sector between businesses under the Secret Commissions Act 1910. This covers things like bribing the employee of a competitor to obtain confidential information.

What To Expect If You’ve Been Charged

Being charged with extortion, bribery or related offenses can be incredibly stressful. Here’s what you can expect if you find yourself in this situation:

  • Arrest and Interview – If police believe they have enough evidence, they may arrest you and conduct a recorded interview. It’s advisable to have a lawyer present during this process if possible. You have the right to remain silent.
  • First Court Appearance – After arrest, you’ll be brought before a judge within 24 hours. This is where bail conditions and next court dates are often set.
  • Evidence Gathering – Police will gather all evidence to support the charges. This may include witness statements, financial records, communications and surveillance material. Your lawyer can request disclosure of this evidence.
  • Plea – At a later court hearing, you’ll be asked to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty. Extortion and bribery charges should only ever be fought with experienced legal representation.
  • Trial – If pleading not guilty, your case will go to trial where the prosecution must prove the charges beyond reasonable doubt. Your lawyer will vigorously defend you.
  • Sentencing – If found guilty, the judge will impose a sentence based on factors like the circumstances of your offending and previous convictions.

Having a top criminal defence lawyer guide you through this process is absolutely vital given the seriousness of the potential penalties.

Finding the Right Extortion or Bribery Lawyer in Wellington

When facing charges like these, you need a lawyer who is highly experienced in defending extortion, bribery and related white collar crime cases. Here are some tips on finding the best lawyer for your needs in the Wellington region:

  • Look for specialists – Search for lawyers who specifically mention expertise in extortion, bribery and serious fraud defence on their website or LinkedIn profile. This shows they have focused experience.
  • Ask about previous cases – In an initial consultation, don’t be afraid to ask a lawyer how many extortion or bribery charges they have successfully defended in the past. Look for at least 10-20 similar cases as a minimum.
  • Check lawyer ratings – Research online reviews and ratings of shortlisted lawyers to get feedback from past clients on their skills and results.
  • Meet them in person – It’s important to meet with a lawyer before committing to really gauge how well you get along. Comfort with your lawyer is crucial.
  • Compare legal fees – Get written quotes from a few firms before deciding. But don’t choose solely based on price – expertise is most important.

Some of the top criminal defence firms in Wellington with proven experience defending extortion, bribery and related charges include:

  • Barristers Chambers – Headed by the highly rated Mike Antunovic, they have successfully defended many complex fraud cases over 25+ years.
  • Hannan & Seddon – Known for their sharp strategic skills and robust defence of white collar crime matters.
  • KCL Law – Firm partner Kris Gledhill is one of Wellington’s most seasoned extortion and bribery lawyers.
  • Lowndes Jordan – With senior lawyers like Willem Labuschagne, they are true specialists in financial crime.

Take the time to research thoroughly and find the best lawyer for your specific situation in Wellington. This will give you the greatest chance of the best possible outcome.

What Should You Expect From a Great Lawyer?

The right lawyer for an extortion or bribery charge will provide skilled, supportive and aggressive representation throughout the legal process. Here are some of the key things great lawyers will do:

  • Analyze the evidence and identify any police errors or weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.
  • Fight hard to have charges dismissed or downgraded at pre-trial hearings.
  • Present well-researched legal arguments to the court.
  • Negotiate strongly with prosecutors around possible plea deals if appropriate.
  • Effectively cross-examine witnesses at trial.
  • Give you honest assessments of possible case outcomes.
  • Clearly explain legal fees and avoid unnecessary work.
  • Return calls and emails promptly and keep you updated.
  • Treat you with respect and regularly check on your emotional wellbeing.
  • Maintain utmost confidentiality and discretion at all times.

The lawyer you choose can make all the difference. Doing thorough research to find the right one gives you the best shot at the best result.


Facing extortion or bribery charges in Wellington can be daunting. But finding an experienced criminal defence lawyer who can aggressively defend your case is absolutely vital. Do your research and take the time to find a lawyer who is a true specialist in these types of cases. With the right representation, you will be giving yourself the greatest chance of success.

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