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NYC Volume Dealer Lawyers

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How Can a Drug Crimes Lawyer Help with Your Volume Drug Dealer Charges?

If you are suspected of committing drug dealer offenses, you can face serious penalties. Both fines and federal prison time can result if you are convicted of the crimes you are accused of committing. While the state of New York takes all of its drug dealer offenses seriously, being accused of committing volume drug dealer offenses can carry some of the most severe penalties and are definitely a good reason to seek out the help of an experienced attorney.

What Are Volume Drug Dealer Offenses?
If you have been accused of being a volume drug dealer in the state of New York, you are going to be charged with significant charges related to drug distribution. A volume drug dealer distribution charge is given due to a high amount of drugs found in your possession. By looking at the types of drug crimes in New York, you can see that being found guilty of selling 50 grams of pot marijuana can result in fines of a $250,000 and five years in a federal prison. In contrast, selling more than 1,000 kilograms can result in more than a decade in federal prison. Volume drug offenses are set by the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, which makes it necessary to have a very experienced lawyer to help combat any charges you might be facing.

What Penalty Will You Receive for Being Convicted of Volume Drug Dealing?
In the state of New York, all drug distribution offenses are considered felonies, meaning they will result in time spent in federal prison if you are convicted. However, the exact amount of time will depend upon the type of substance and how much you are convicted of selling.

For example, if you are found guilty of being a volume marijuna dealer in New York, you can face up to 15 years in prison. Volume drug charges of heroin are classified as Class A-II, A-I or B felonies, which can have minimum sentences of 15 years and a maximum sentence of life in prison.

How Does the Classification of Drugs Affect Your Sentencing?
If you are charged with being a volume drug dealer in New York, the drug you are accused of dealer will likely fall under V potential categories, as defined by the Controlled Substances Act.

  • Schedule I drugs are highly addictive without any medical use and carry the most severe drug distribution penalties.
  • Schedule II drugs are classified as being highly addictive and are recognized as having the potential for causing a dependence.
  • Schedule III-V drugs have low potential for abuse, are sometimes used in medical facilities and carry lower penalties for drug distribution.

Understanding exactly what the classification of drugs that you have been charged with means can be complicated. Having a lawyer who is experienced and familiar with the types of classifications that drugs can be sorted into may provide you with a better understanding of the exact nature of the charges being filed against you.

What Other Types of Factors Will a Judge Take into Consideration During Sentencing?

In addition to the type of drug, amount sold and the classification of the drug, a judge hearing a drug volume dealer case may also consider your past drug dealing history. They may also look at what other types of crimes were committed at the time of the sale, such as money laundering, death and assault. If you have crossed any state or national borders to sell drugs, your sentencing could be more severe.

What Information Will be Used Against You in a Volume Drug Dealer Case?
When you are being charged with a drug crime in New York, every potential interaction you have ever had may be analyzed to determine the extent of your distribution. Evidence such as plastic bags, significant levels of cash, and scales may be used against you. Any contact list with a large volume of people may also be used as evidence of having a list of clients. A qualified attorney may be able to help reduce the charges against you, or even have them dismissed, by arguing against some of the evidence presented.

How Can an Attorney Help You?
Having an experienced attorney guide you through possible defenses in your volume drug dealer case is essential. Possible avenues of defense include arguing illegal searches and seizures were committed and irrelevant evidence is being used. Other New York drug crime defenses include lack of intent on your behalf, entrapment and lack of knowledge. If you have been charged with a volume drug dealer offense, contact an experienced attorney today to discuss what your defense options include.