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When you’re facing a federal issue, you need an attorney whose going to be available 24/7 to help you get the results and outcome you need. The value of working with the Spodek Law Group is that we treat each and every client like a member of our family.

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The BEST LAWYER ANYONE COULD ASK FOR!!! Todd changed our lives! He’s not JUST a lawyer representing us for a case. Todd and his office have become Family. When we entered his office in August of 2022, we entered with such anxiety, uncertainty, and so much stress. Honestly we were very lost. My husband and I felt alone. How could a lawyer who didn’t know us, know our family, know our background represents us, When this could change our lives for the next 5-7years that my husband was facing in Federal jail. By the time our free consultation was over with Todd, we left his office at ease. All our questions were answered and we had a sense of relief.

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Utah Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

March 21, 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Federal Criminal Defense

There’s one reason you’re on this website: you’re looking for an elite criminal defense law firm. Maybe you‘ve been accused of a federal crime like fraud, money laundering, or drug trafficking.

Or perhaps you‘re under investigation by the FBI, DEA, or another federal agency. Whatever your situation, you need the best legal representation possible to protect your rights and freedom.We get it – facing federal charges is terrifying. The federal justice system is an intimidating beast, with harsh sentences and aggressive prosecutors. But take a deep breath. We’re here to guide you through this every step of the way. Our criminal defense lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience taking on the toughest federal cases. We’ve seen it all, and we know how to fight for you.So let‘s dive in to everything you need to know about federal criminal defense.

We’ll cover the basics of the federal court system, common federal crimes, what to do if you’re under investigation, building a strong defense strategy, and more. It‘s a lot to take in, but we’ll break it down in a clear, easy-to-understand way. Think of this as your ultimate survival guide.

Understanding the Federal Court System

First thing‘s first – the federal court system is very different from state courts. Federal crimes are prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys rather than local district attorneys. They have more resources, tougher laws, and a conviction rate over 90%. Not exactly a fair fight.Federal cases start with an investigation by agencies like the FBI, DEA, IRS, or SEC. If they gather enough evidence, they‘ll take it to a federal grand jury. This is a panel that decides whether there’s probable cause to indict you – basically, if there’s enough evidence to charge you with a crime. If indicted, your case moves to U.S. District Court for prosecution.The federal court process is complex, with lots of rules and procedures. Having an experienced federal criminal lawyer is crucial from the very start. We know all the ins and outs to protect your rights and start building your defense immediately.

Common Federal Crimes

The feds prosecute all kinds of crimes, from “white collar” offenses like fraud and embezzlement to violent crimes like drug trafficking, weapons charges, and human trafficking. Some of the most common include:

Fraud: This covers a wide range of deceptive conduct for financial gain, like mail/wire fraud, tax fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, and more. Even a seemingly small fib can lead to federal fraud charges.

Drug Crimes: Federal drug laws are far stricter than state laws, with harsh mandatory minimum sentences. Charges may include drug trafficking, conspiracy, possession with intent to distribute, and continuing criminal enterprise (for drug kingpins).Weapons Charges: It’s illegal under federal law to possess certain firearms or ammunition if you have a prior felony conviction. There are also laws against illegal weapons sales/trafficking.

White Collar Crimes: In addition to fraud, this includes embezzlement, bribery, extortion, money laundering, racketeering, and more. Essentially any financially-motivated schemes to deprive others of money or property.

Cybercrimes: As the world has gone digital, so have crimes like hacking, identity theft, internet fraud, trafficking in illegal online content, and more.The penalties for federal crimes are no joke. Many carry huge fines and long prison sentences, sometimes 20 years or more. Having a top-notch defense lawyer is vital to avoid a life-altering conviction.

What to Do If You’re Under Federal Investigation

So let’s say you get that sinking feeling that the feds are investigating you. Maybe the FBI executes a search warrant at your home or office. Or you receive a target letter informing you that you’re the target of an investigation.The first thing you need to do? Exercise your right to remain silent and call an experienced federal criminal defense attorney immediately. Don‘t make the mistake of thinking you can talk your way out of it. Anything you say can and will be used against you.Once we‘re on your case, we’ll deal directly with federal agents and prosecutors. We know how these investigations work and the tactics they‘ll use to try and flip you. We’ll guide you on how to properly invoke your rights, what to say (and not say), and start mapping out a defense strategy.It’s also crucial to be proactive at this stage. We may conduct our own investigation to undermine the prosecution’s case. This could involve tracking down exculpatory evidence, interviewing witnesses, analyzing financial records or data, and more. The goal is to get ahead of the charges and negotiate from a position of strength.

Building a Winning Defense Strategy

If federal charges are ultimately filed against you, we’ll get to work creating a personalized defense strategy. This could involve:Attacking the Evidence: We‘ll scrutinize how evidence was obtained and whether law enforcement violated your constitutional rights through illegal searches, entrapment, or other misconduct.Negotiating Plea Deals: In some cases, the best move is to pursue a plea bargain to reduce charges/sentences. Our lawyers are skilled negotiators who will fight for the best possible deal.Preparing for Trial: If going to trial gives you the best chance at acquittal, we’ll leave no stone unturned. This means thorough investigation, hiring expert witnesses, crafting persuasive arguments, and aggressively cross-examining the prosecution’s witnesses.Sentencing Advocacy: For clients who are convicted, we’ll advocate for the most lenient sentence possible within the complex federal guidelines. This could mean alternatives to prison time.The key is having a multi-faceted defense on all fronts. We‘ll find every possible hole in the prosecution‘s case and leverage that to your advantage.

Examples of Real Federal Cases We’ve Handled

Enough talking at you – let‘s look at some real-life examples of federal cases we’ve successfully defended:

Healthcare Fraud Charges Dismissed
Our client, a physician, was charged with defrauding Medicare/Medicaid of over $3 million. We discovered the government had improperly obtained evidence through an illegal phone tap. After filing a motion to suppress, the charges were completely dismissed.

Acquittal in International Drug Trafficking Case
Our client was accused of operating a global drug trafficking ring that imported cocaine, heroin, and meth into the U.S. After a three-month trial, we convinced the jury that our client was an unwitting participant who had no knowledge of the drug smuggling operation. He was acquitted on all charges.

Reduced Sentence in Multi-Million Dollar Embezzlement Case
Our client, a former CEO, was convicted of embezzling over $12 million from her company’s pension fund. Thanks to our sentencing advocacy, she received 5 years in prison rather than the 10+ years recommended under the federal guidelines.These are just a few examples, but they illustrate our commitment to fighting tooth and nail for our clients. No case is too big or too complex for our elite team of federal criminal defense attorneys.

Why Clients Trust Us

You have a lot of options when it comes to criminal defense lawyers. So why should you go with our firm? Here are a few key reasons:

Proven Track Record: Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of federal cases across the country. We know how to take on – and beat – even the most powerful federal prosecutors.

Accessible & Responsive: We actually return client calls and emails promptly. You’ll always be in the loop on what’s happening with your case.

Strategic Approach: We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Every case gets a customized, multi-pronged strategy tailored to your specific situation and goals.

Relentless Advocacy: From investigation to sentencing, we‘ll be your fiercest advocates every step of the way. We’ll never back down or give up on you.

Compassionate Service: Facing federal charges is incredibly stressful. We provide empathetic support and guidance to help ease your burdens.But don‘t just take our word for it. Read the testimonials from some of our past clients:

“When the federal government came after me, I was absolutely terrified. But [Todd Spodek] and his team immediately put me at ease. They worked day and night to dismantle the prosecution‘s case, and ultimately got all the charges dismissed. Their skill and tenacity saved my life.”

I can’t say enough good things about this firm. From day one, they treated me with compassion and gave me a sense of hope during an incredibly dark time. Their legal expertise is second to none, and they worked tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for me.”

I felt like [Todd Spodek] and his team were always two steps ahead of the federal prosecutors. Their strategic thinking and attention to detail was remarkable. They quite literally saved my freedom and allowed me to move on with my life.”

We could go on, but you get the point. Our attorneys get real results and provide top-notch service every time.

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