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Suffolk County Paternity Lawyer

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Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 07:38 pm

Helping you establish paternity in Suffolk County, New York City.

At Spodek Law Group of Suffolk County, we recognize how essential it is for parents and children to know the biological father. A child desires a meaningful, emotional relationship with the father.

Confirming paternity is a crucial step towards nurturing a firm bond between the child and biological parents. Whether you are a child or mother seeking to find out who the father is, we are ready to help. We also work with fathers out to protect parental rights and be part of the child’s life. When children know who the father is, several benefits follow:

• Establishing paternity provides peace of peace and psychological stability.

• The child derives happiness from sharing unlimited communication with the father.

• Children can henceforth receive financial support or inheritance rights.

Dedicated Paternity Rights NYC Lawyers

When applying for paternity rights, consult our committed Spodek Law Group attorneys to discuss the following issues.

• The goals that motivate you to ascertain paternity for your child.

• Explanation of the legal options and processes towards confirming parentage.

• Arrange for DNA testing.

• Initiate legal applications to enforce the DNA testing.

• File a paternity lawsuit, protect your paternity rights, or assist in any necessary legal actions that help to find the father-child relationship.

Why you need Paternity Confirmation in New York City?

The acknowledgment of fatherhood factors in many issues, not just the biological parentage. Paternity may have a bearing on social security benefits, inheritance, child custody, or child support. Having the DNA test allows you to understand the family lineage.

In some instances, paternity can help to deal with medical issues that arise because of genetic configuration. You may need the knowledge of fatherhood and the family lineage to initiate protection against inherited illnesses.

Father’s Rights in Paternity Cases

Once spouses divorce, the father has the “father’s rights.” However, the visitation rights can become null and void if someone challenges your paternity. To retain your visitation and child custody rights, we have experienced and highly-qualified New York City family attorneys who assist in establishing fatherhood. For the mother and child, the DNA tests open the way to the child support as well as child custody determinations.

Unwed Parents

Under New York law, when unmarried parents bear a child, the biological father must formally acknowledge paternity. We can help to fill out the acknowledgment of paternity (AOP) documents. Fathers sometimes refuse to accept paternity.

The services of our Suffolk County, NYC, Paternity and Family Lawyers is essential as we will guide on the legal processes to either or disapprove biological parentage. Unfortunately, the man can sign the AOP only to realize later that he is not the biological father. You need to call the Spodek Law Group for advice on how to vacate the AOP.

Married Parents Paternity Issues

NYC paternity cases are complicated if the mother and child had a past relationship and emotional bond with the non-biological father. The court will not always consider DNA tests to determine parentage.

In New York, the paternity of children born outside marriage is un-assumed. We assist in establishing paternity and filing the documentation to confirm paternity before a notary. The AOP documentation may mean the couples not having the right to a DNA test if paternity disputes arise in future.