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San Jose PPP – SBA – EIDL Loan Fraud Lawyers

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Last Updated on: 14th September 2023, 11:42 pm

Defending Yourself Against PPP & EIDL Fraud Charges in San Jose

Getting accused of COVID relief fraud is seriously scary. With all the PPP loans and EIDL grants given out, the federal government is looking closely for fraud. Even if you thought you qualified at the time, you could end up facing criminal charges.

If the FBI, SBA, DOJ, or other federal agency contacts you about an investigation, you need to take it very seriously. Having an experienced white collar defense attorney on your side is crucial. PPP and EIDL fraud charges can totally destroy your finances, reputation, and freedom if you don’t fight them properly.

Why You Need an Attorney for PPP & EIDL Fraud Charges

Trying to defend complex federal fraud charges alone is nearly impossible. The laws around PPP loans and EIDL grants are super confusing and change a lot. Prosecutors also have way more resources than you do. An attorney who regularly handles these cases levels the playing field. They make sure you get treated fairly each step of the way. Some key benefits of having a lawyer include:

  • Negotiating with investigators before charges are even filed
  • Identifying technical errors or violations in the prosecution’s case
  • Explaining the legal process so you understand what’s happening
  • Crafting defense strategies based on loopholes and precedents
  • Gathering evidence and finding witnesses to support your innocence
  • Cross-examining government witnesses during trial
  • Fighting for the lowest possible sentence if convicted
  • Filing appeals if needed

Choosing the Right PPP & EIDL Fraud Lawyer in San Jose

Look for a San Jose attorney who regularly handles federal fraud cases like yours. Ask any lawyer you’re considering:

  • How many PPP and EIDL fraud cases have you worked on?
  • Are you familiar with all the COVID program rules?
  • Will you assemble an investigation team?
  • Do you have connections with federal prosecutors?

An attorney who has relationships with the FBI, SBA, and U.S. Attorney’s Office is invaluable. They’ll understand all the tactics investigators use and how to respond effectively.

Personality fit also matters a lot. Make sure you fully trust whoever represents you. It’s your life and freedom at stake, so don’t just pick the cheapest lawyer.

Potential Defenses for PPP & EIDL Fraud Charges

Experienced COVID fraud attorneys know how to build strong defenses by finding technical errors and other issues. Some potential defenses include:

  • You qualified for the loan/grant based on a reasonable interpretation of unclear rules
  • Any application mistakes were honest errors, not intentional lies
  • You were entitled to the funds and used them properly
  • You relied on advice from an accountant, banker, or SBA agent
  • The government made mistakes in the investigation that violate your rights

In some cases, your attorney may also be able to negotiate with prosecutors to get charges reduced or dismissed if you pay back some or all of the funds.

Penalties for PPP & EIDL Fraud Convictions

PPP and EIDL fraud carry potentially severe federal penalties, including:

  • Up to 30 years in prison
  • Massive fines up to $1 million
  • Restitution payments
  • Asset forfeiture

You could end up with years behind bars and owing huge amounts of money if convicted. Getting accused sucks, but you need to take it very seriously. Call a skilled fraud defense attorney right away.

Protect Your Future By Hiring an Attorney Now

PPP and EIDL fraud charges are scary. Even totally innocent people get accused of crimes sometimes. But with an experienced white collar defense lawyer on your side, you can avoid disaster. They know how to beat the feds at their own game. Don’t just hope this goes away on its own – be proactive. Call a San Jose COVID fraud defense attorney today to schedule a free case review.


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