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Riverside Federal Criminal Lawyers

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Riverside Federal Criminal Lawyers

If you have been charged with a federal crime in Riverside, California, having an experienced federal criminal defense attorney on your side can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. Federal crimes carry severe penalties, including lengthy prison sentences, massive fines, and lifelong collateral consequences. The federal criminal justice system is complex and unforgiving. You need an advocate who understands federal law and procedure inside and out.

The federal criminal defense attorneys at The Law Offices of Todd Spodek have over 20 years of experience representing clients charged with federal crimes in Riverside and throughout Southern California. We are highly respected in the legal community and have a proven track record of achieving successful results for our clients. Whether your case involves white collar crime, drug trafficking, firearms violations, or any other federal charge, we have the skills and determination to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf.

Common Federal Crimes Prosecuted in Riverside

Some of the most common federal crimes we defend against in Riverside include:

  • Drug crimes – Drug trafficking, distribution, manufacturing, and possession charges make up a large portion of the federal criminal docket in Riverside. Even minor involvement with illegal drugs can lead to devastating federal charges.
  • Fraud – Federal fraud charges include mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, benefits fraud, securities fraud, and other schemes to unlawfully obtain money or property.
  • Firearms offenses – Charges like illegal firearm sales, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, use of a firearm during a drug or violent crime, and firearms trafficking are aggressively prosecuted.
  • Sex crimes – Federal sex crime charges involving interstate travel, transportation of minors, human trafficking, and child pornography carry stiff penalties.
  • Immigration violations – Federal immigration agencies like ICE prosecute crimes like illegal re-entry, alien smuggling, passport fraud, and false citizenship claims.
  • White collar crime – Federal charges like bribery, embezzlement, money laundering, tax evasion, and public corruption are complex but beatable with the right defense.

No matter what type of federal charges you are facing, having a tough and experienced federal criminal defense lawyer makes all the difference. The federal sentencing guidelines are unforgiving. The smallest details can impact your sentencing exposure. Our attorneys know how to analyze the facts and apply the complex federal laws and guidelines to build the strongest defense possible.

Skilled Federal Criminal Defense Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

When your life and liberty are on the line, you need more than just any defense attorney. You need a lawyer with specific experience in the federal criminal court system. The Law Offices of Todd Spodek are recognized throughout Riverside and Southern California for providing aggressive and effective representation to people facing federal criminal prosecution.

Some of the ways we defend federal criminal cases include:

  • Conducting an independent investigation of the allegations to identify weaknesses in the government’s case.
  • Negotiating with federal prosecutors to get charges reduced or dismissed pre-indictment.
  • Seeking to suppress evidence that was obtained in violation of your constitutional rights.
  • Retaining expert witnesses to evaluate forensic evidence and challenge government experts.
  • Negotiating favorable plea agreements with reduced sentencing exposure when appropriate.
  • Presenting sophisticated sentencing arguments to minimize penalties if convicted at trial.
  • Fully preparing for trial and mounting an aggressive defense when needed.

We have successfully defended many federal criminal cases that others thought were unwinnable. Our thorough preparation and strategic approach have resulted in many outright dismissals, acquittals, and significantly reduced sentences for clients facing federal prosecution.

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Relevant Federal Laws

Federal Criminal Lawyers

So you got yourself into some trouble with the feds, huh? Don’t worry, it happens to lots of folks. The important thing is to get yourself a good federal criminal defense attorney on your side asap. Those federal prosecutors don’t mess around, and you need someone who knows their way around the federal system and can protect your rights. This article will give you the lowdown on federal crimes, defenses, and how a federal criminal lawyer can help.

Common Federal Crimes

There are tons of federal laws out there covering all sorts of stuff – firearms, drugs, fraud, immigration, taxes, computer hacking – you name it. Here are some of the most common federal charges folks in Arizona find themselves facing:

  • Drug trafficking – bringing large quantities of illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth across state or national borders
  • Drug possession – having illegal drugs for personal use
  • Firearms offenses – selling guns illegally, possessing guns as a felon
  • White collar crimes – wire fraud, mail fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement
  • Child pornography – producing, distributing, possessing child porn
  • Immigration violations – illegal re-entry, marriage fraud, visa fraud

The feds have jurisdiction over a bunch of stuff the local cops don’t. And they tend to throw the book at defendants with charges that can bring some very lengthy prison sentences. Like 10, 20 years or more. Yikes!

Proving Federal Charges

To convict you on federal charges, the U.S. Attorney has to prove them “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That’s a high standard, but they have lots of resources to investigate crimes and gather evidence. Wiretaps, informants, surveillance, subpoenas – you name it. Your lawyer will look closely at the evidence to see if there are any holes or weaknesses. Often the evidence relies a lot on witness testimony, which can sometimes be inconsistent or not totally credible. An experienced federal defense attorney will know how to challenge the evidence and cast doubt on the government’s case.
The feds also have tons of sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimums that can affect how much time you get if convicted. There are sometimes ways to get charges reduced or dismissed through plea negotiations, pretrial diversion programs, or sentencing departures. But you need a lawyer who regularly handles federal cases to guide you through all that stuff.

Common Federal Defenses

There are dozens of defenses that a skilled federal criminal defense lawyer may use to fight your charges, including:

  • 4th Amendment violations – arguing evidence was obtained illegally through searches, wiretaps etc.
  • Entrapment – you were induced by law enforcement to commit a crime you wouldn’t have otherwise
  • Duress – you committed the crime under threat of harm
  • Diminished mental capacity – you have mental health or addiction issues that affected your conduct
  • Mistaken identity – you were misidentified and didn’t actually commit the crime

Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case to determine if any viable defenses apply. Often it comes down to attacking the strength of the government’s evidence and raising reasonable doubt about your guilt. But a good defense attorney will leave no stone unturned.

The Benefits of Hiring a Federal Criminal Lawyer

So why do you need a lawyer who specializes in federal cases? Well, for starters the federal system is very complex with its own rules and procedures. The stakes are high, and you need someone experienced with the federal courts, prosecutors, judges, and sentencing guidelines. Here are some key benefits a federal criminal defense attorney can provide:

  • Negotiate with the U.S. Attorney for reduced charges or sentencing
  • Challenge issues with the search warrant, arrest, Miranda warnings etc.
  • Obtain evidence from prosecutors through discovery
  • Conduct an independent investigation of your case
  • Advise you on possible defenses and trial strategy
  • Cross examine witnesses and challenge evidence presented at trial
  • Argue for sentencing departures and reductions

Having a knowledgeable federal lawyer on your side can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Don’t leave your fate in the hands of a public defender or lawyer who rarely handles federal cases. Hire someone who knows their way around the federal system and will fight aggressively to protect your rights.
The attorneys at LawInfo have extensive experience defending federal charges in Arizona. Their Federal Defense Team includes former federal agents and probation officers, giving them unique insight into these complex cases. They will thoroughly analyze the charges against you and build the strongest possible defense.

The Federal Court Process

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime, here’s a basic overview of how the court process works:

  1. Initial appearance – this is when charges are formally presented and a judge decides on bail or detention
  2. Preliminary hearing – the government presents evidence to show there’s probable cause for the charges
  3. Arraignment – you enter a plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest
  4. Pretrial motions – your lawyer can file motions challenging evidence, confessions etc.
  5. Plea negotiations – your lawyer may negotiate with prosecutors for reduced charges or sentencing recommendations
  6. Trial – the government presents evidence and witnesses, your lawyer cross examines them and raises defenses
  7. Sentencing – the judge determines penalties based on federal guidelines and statutory minimums
  8. Appeal – your lawyer can appeal the conviction or sentence if there are legal errors

There are lots of steps along the way where an experienced federal criminal defense attorney can advocate for you and protect your rights. Having skilled legal representation can make a huge difference in getting charges reduced or dismissed, avoiding harsh mandatory minimum sentences, and ultimately achieving the best possible outcome.