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Questions to Ask When Interviewing Queens Criminal Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

Questions to Ask When Interviewing Queens Criminal Lawyers

Finding the right criminal defense attorney is crucial if you are facing criminal charges in Queens, New York. The lawyer you choose to represent you can have a huge impact on the outcome of your case.When interviewing potential attorneys, you’ll want to ask questions to assess their experience, track record with similar cases, legal fees, and overall ability to mount the strongest defense on your behalf. Here are some of the key questions you should ask any Queens criminal lawyer you are considering hiring:

How Long Have You Been Practicing Criminal Law?

It’s important to find an attorney who has extensive experience specifically with criminal law cases in Queens. You don’t want someone who just occasionally handles criminal matters. Ask the lawyer how long they have been practicing criminal defense law. An attorney who has represented Queens defendants for 10+ years will have deep knowledge of the local courts and district attorneys. They’ll also have relationships that could aid your defense.

What Percentage of Your Caseload is Criminal Law?

Along with asking about years in practice, ask what percentage of the lawyer’s overall caseload focuses on criminal defense cases. An ideal attorney will spend at least 50% of their time on criminal law. This shows their top area of legal expertise is defending people accused of crimes.

How Many Cases Like Mine Have You Handled?

You’ll want to gauge if the lawyer has represented many clients facing similar criminal allegations as you are. For example, if you were arrested for drunk driving, ask how many DUI cases they have taken to trial in Queens. If you are dealing with a drug possession charge, ask about their experience with controlled substance offenses. Specific experience with your type of criminal charge is vital.

What Is Your Track Record in Cases Like Mine?

Simply handling many cases like yours isn’t enough. You need to understand the lawyer’s rate of success specifically with cases similar to yours. For example, ask about their win-loss ratio taking DUI cases to trial. See if you can find out how often past charges were reduced or dismissed for clients facing accusations like yours. This track record is a good indicator of the likely outcome they may be able to achieve if hired.

Who From Your Office Will Be Handling My Case?

While you may meet with a lead attorney initially, parts of your case may be delegated to less experienced junior lawyers or paralegals. Ask upfront who will be working on your case and what level of involvement the lead attorney will have. Insist on having an experienced lawyer directly overseeing your entire defense from start to finish.

What Are All of the Fees and Costs For My Defense?

The cost of your legal defense is obviously extremely important to understand upfront. Ask the lawyer to explain all fees, hourly rates, retainer payments, and any other charges that could come up during your case. Get fee estimates in writing. This will prevent any surprises or confusion about what you owe later on. Also ask if they offer payment plans.

What Defense Strategy Do You Recommend For My Case?

A skilled criminal lawyer should be able to outline their recommended overall defense after learning some basic facts about your arrest and charges. Listen closely to their strategy and ask why they recommend taking that approach. Their initial strategy may give you insight into how aggressively they defend their clients.

Will You Be the Attorney Handling My Actual Trial?

Some law firms hand off cases to different lawyers for the actual trial. You need assurance upfront that the attorney you hire for pre-trial preparation will stay on through the duration and handle your trial themselves. Having the same lawyer means they are already intimately familiar with all details of your case leading up to trial.

Can You Provide References From Past Clients?

Any quality criminal defense lawyer should be able to give you references and testimonials from past clients they have represented facing criminal allegations. Speaking to previous clients about their experiences is an extremely valuable part of the vetting process before making your hiring decision.

Do You Have Experience with the Specific Judge and Prosecutor?

Ask if the lawyer has experience dealing with the specific judge and prosecuting attorneys assigned to your case. Familiarity with the judge can help predict rulings and sentences. If the lawyer has worked with the prosecutor before, they may have insight into negotiation strategies or plea deals to pursue.Vetting criminal defense lawyers by asking the right questions is vital for identifying the best attorney for your specific case. Be sure to ask these questions and more when interviewing potential lawyers to represent you. Compare their responses carefully as you make your hiring decision. With an experienced and dedicated criminal defense lawyer, you will maximize your chances of the best possible outcome.


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