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Preparing for an Interview After Receiving a Target Letter From the FBI

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Last Updated on: 18th September 2023, 06:04 pm

Getting a Target Letter from the Feds? Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting a target letter from the FBI can make anyone feel scared and stressed out. This official notice means you’re being targeted in an investigation because the feds think you may have broken the law. Even though this doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be charged with a crime, it does mean the FBI wants to interview you to get more information.There are some important steps to take if you find yourself in this situation. As someone who’s helped folks in this boat, I wanted to share the best advice on what to do after getting a target letter.

First Things First – What is a Target Letter Anyway?

Before freaking out, make sure you understand what a target letter really is. It’s basically an official letter from the government saying you’re the target of an FBI investigation.

This means they suspect you may have committed a crime or have useful information about a crime they’re looking into.Target letters often say you should cooperate by giving them information or documents related to the case. It’s scary to get one, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be charged with anything. It just means the FBI wants to get more details from you about the investigation.

Take Your Time and Read That Letter Carefully

When you get a target letter, read through it slowly and make sure you understand everything it says. It should explain the investigation they’re doing, what specific info they want from you, and how to contact them to set up an interview. Pay close attention to any deadlines they give you for turning over documents or records. Knowing all the details in the letter will help you get ready for questioning.

Get a Lawyer – ASAP!

One of the most crucial things you should do is hire a criminal defense lawyer, like, immediately. Get one who specializes in federal cases and has experience with target letters. They can advise you on responding, represent you with the FBI agents, and defend you if you do get charged .Don’t try to handle this solo – get an expert lawyer on your side right away. Waiting or going it alone is way too risky.

Don’t Panic and Do Something Stupid

It’s totally normal to feel angry, anxious, or panicked after getting a target letter. But don’t do anything rash that could really mess up your case. Don’t destroy evidence, lie to investigators, run away, or otherwise react in a way that’ll just make them more suspicious.

Don’t Talk to the FBI Without Your Lawyer

You might want to call the FBI agent listed on the letter to proclaim your innocence or find out what’s going on. Don’t! Anything you say can be used against you and it’s super dangerous to talk to federal agents without your lawyer present. Let your attorney handle all communication with the feds.

Write Down the Details

Make sure to write down any important dates, locations, names, or other specifics from the letter. Your lawyer will need all these details to understand the scope of the investigation and build your defense strategy. Take really detailed notes so you don’t forget anything crucial.

Gather Up Relevant Documents

The target letter may tell you to give certain documents or records to the FBI by a deadline. Work with your lawyer to pull together anything even possibly relevant to the case – financial statements, emails, phone records, business docs, etc. Having them organized will help you comply and aid your defense.

Don’t Try to Explain It Away

Some people want to call the FBI and talk their way out of being investigated or claim total innocence. Don’t bother – nothing you say will make the case go away once you’ve gotten a target letter. They already suspect you, so trying to talk them out of it usually just makes things worse. Let your lawyer handle all the communicating.

Know Your Rights

Make sure you understand your legal rights in dealing with a federal investigation. You have the right to remain silent, get a lawyer, refuse to answer questions, and have your lawyer present if they question you. Don’t waive these rights or agree to talk without consulting your attorney.

Prep for the Interview

If you do end up sitting down with the FBI, prep with your lawyer so you’re ready. They can help you anticipate questions and practice responding in a way that won’t self-incriminate. Expect confrontational questions aimed at getting you to contradict yourself or admit guilt. Stick to yes/no answers and let your lawyer explain more.

Tell the Truth

Lying to federal agents is a felony in itself. If you agree to talk, tell the full truth – admit mistakes you’ve made but stick to the facts. Trying to cover up lies will just create more legal issues. Your lawyer can guide you on being as truthful as possible.I know getting a target letter is terrifying. But taking the right steps with experienced legal counsel can help you get through the investigation intact. Don’t panic, listen to your lawyer, and focus on being cooperative. You’ve got this!