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Paramedic or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Board License Defense Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

Helping Paramedics and EMTs When Their Licenses are at Risk

As a lawyer who regularly represents paramedics and EMTs, I know how scary it is when your license is being investigated. Your career is on the line, and you need someone in your corner who understands the system and how to defend you. In this article, I want to explain the process in plain language, talk about common accusations, and give you a sense of how an experienced attorney can help.

How California’s EMS Authority Oversees Licenses

In California, the Emergency Medical Services Authority is in charge of licensing paramedics and EMTs. They issue three levels of EMT certificates plus paramedic licenses. To get licensed in the first place, you have to meet strict education and training requirements, pass exams, and clear background checks. To keep your license, you need to take regular continuing education classes and follow ethical rules.

If a complaint comes in, the EMS Authority will investigate and can take disciplinary action against your license. This can range from citations and fines for minor issues up to probation, suspension, or full revocation for more serious problems.

Common Reasons People Get in Trouble

In my experience, some frequent accusations that trigger EMS Authority discipline include:

  • Mistakes in patient care
  • Errors in documentation
  • Unprofessional behavior on the job
  • Ambulance driving violations
  • Substance abuse
  • Criminal offenses
  • Going outside your scope of practice
  • Not finishing required continuing ed

Complaints come from different places. Sometimes it’s an unhappy patient or family member. Your employer or a hospital might file a report. Even routine audits of patient care records can raise red flags that lead to an investigation.

How a Lawyer Fights to Protect Your License

When you’re facing license discipline, having a lawyer on your side who knows the system is so important. Here’s how an experienced attorney can help:

First, we start gathering information as soon as you know there may be an issue. The sooner we can get involved, the better we can build your defense strategy.

If the EMS Authority formally accuses you, we contest the charges by filing a Notice of Defense. Then comes discovery – we dig into the facts through witness interviews, documents requests, and more.

In some cases, we may be able to negotiate a settlement to resolve things without a hearing. If we do have to go to a hearing, I’ll be right by your side, cross-examining witnesses, presenting evidence, and making arguments to prove your innocence.

And if the outcome still isn’t in your favor, I can file an appeal to fight it through the legal system.

How We Challenge Different Types of Accusations

Here are some examples of how an experienced lawyer like me defends against common allegations:

Patient Care Issues

I thoroughly investigate any incident – interviewing witnesses, poring through medical records, consulting experts to evaluate if care met standards.

Record-Keeping Problems

I review the records to identify errors but also look for benign explanations, like a chaotic emergency scene. And I highlight steps you’re taking to improve documentation.

Unprofessional Conduct

I make sure policies were clear, differentiate minor versus serious, and present evidence of your otherwise solid reputation.

Ambulance Violations

I dig into DMV files, ambulance telemetry, and witness statements to prove the alleged violations were unwarranted or mitigated.

Substance Abuse

I verify the allegations, provide proof of treatment/recovery, and use drug tests and work evaluations to demonstrate sobriety.

Criminal Offenses

I scour police reports and court records for extenuating circumstances. Rehab efforts and a clean background show good character.

Scope of Practice Issues

I analyze regulations and protocols to prove you acted within proper authority and didn’t endanger patients.

Lacking Continuing Education

I provide proof you’re addressing any shortfalls in classes. And emphasize there were no public safety impacts.

As you can see, an experienced lawyer has the skills and knowledge to challenge disciplinary accusations. I know how to stand up for your rights and show you deserve to keep your EMT or paramedic license.

If your career is on the line, please don’t go it alone. You need someone who knows this complex system. Call me to discuss your situation in a free consultation.

With an attorney’s help, we can get through this difficult time together. My goal is keeping you in the profession you love – providing life-saving care when people need it most.

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