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NYC Gun Possession Lawyers

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Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 09:14 pm

The most obvious type of gun crime is a violent crime, such as assault, murder or armed robbery. However, there are plenty of other ways you can get in trouble for having or using a gun incorrectly, and sometimes, people don’t even realize what they’re doing is illegal until it’s too late.

If you’re being charged with a gun crime in the state of New York, it’s wise to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Here at Spodek Law Group, we have decades of experience with the ins and outs of gun law, and we’re ready to examine your case and design a defense strategy that works.

The Types of Gun Crimes in NYC


1. Possession

You might be charged for simply carrying a gun if you don’t go about it in the correct way. You also might be banned from carrying or using a gun in certain circumstances.

Under federal law, you can’t be in possession of a gun if you:

  • Are under the age of 18 for a shotgun or rifle or under the age of 21 for any other type of gun.
  • Have been committed to the care of a mental institution.
  • Have been convicted of a felony or have a record of any conviction of domestic violence.
  • Are an illegal alien or fugitive of the law.
  • Have a restraining order against you.
  • Have been dishonorably discharged from the military.

You can also get in trouble for having an unregistered firearm in your possession. According to federal law, you must register any gun you choose to own. Sometimes, the failure to register a gun can come down to a simple matter of forgetfulness, which is why it’s important to have strong legal representation on your side.

2. Trafficking and Sale

Trafficking refers to the act of moving a gun from a legal market to or within an illegal market. It’s illegal to transport or sell a gun to anyone who isn’t properly licensed. It’s also illegal to transport guns across state or international borders unless you are licensed to do so.

3. Altering the Gun

It’s against federal law to destroy a serial number on a gun or otherwise alter it or remove certain parts without the license to do so.

4. Improper Licenses

New York City has very strict gun laws. If you want to have a gun in the city, you’ll need to be approved by the city itself. A pistol license from the state is not valid in the city itself, nor is a concealed-carry license from another state. Someone might visit from out of state and assume their gun is safe due to having it licensed. Later, they discover that they are actually breaking the law.

Help from an Attorney You Can Trust

Gun laws can be confusing, and since they differ so much by area, it’s easy for innocent people to get confused and end up with charges. If this has happened to you, or if you’ve simply made a mistake you now regret, it’s time to get the legal help you deserve.

Here at Spodek Law Group, we believe in treating each and every one of our clients like family. With over 50 years of experience under our belts, we’re prepared to handle your legal battles and get you back on track as soon as possible. Please contact us today.