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NYC Fraud Against Government Lawyers

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

One of the serious legal issues you can ever deal with is being charged with fraud by the government. Sometimes the government agency that charges you may have a solid case against you, but sometimes they also try to prosecute people on inadmissible or flimsy evidence that could be dismissed by an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the weaknesses of such a case. The government isn’t allowed to convict you immediately –they are required to prove to the court beyond reasonable doubt that the assertions are factual and acquired according to the constitution protocol. Just because the government has chosen to make a claim against you doesn’t mean that it’s solid.


The government often contracts with private individuals and companies to offer different services to the public via various programs. What’s more, government agencies can also partner with private parties to provide goods and/or services to the government. A government fraud takes place when such a contractor makes false payment claims or tries to defraud the government by supplying counterfeit or sub-standard products or services to the government wrongfully. In most cases, the authorities can investigate and then issue government fraud charges against you. When this happens, it’s essential to get an experienced defense lawyer soonest possible. Spodek Law Group can offer lawyers who can handle your case professionally.


Forms of government fraud


The government uses billions of dollars on contracts with privatized parties, and the contracts are administered over various federal agencies, through their internal policies and bureaucracy. It is therefore essential to talk to a lawyer who is familiar with defending clients against fraud allegations against the government. Spodek Law Group handles a wide range of government fraud cases including:


Social security fraud – Social Security Administration offers numerous benefits to many Americans every year. In case you face an allegation of social security fraud because a prosecutor believes that you were engaged in a fraudulent scheme to get social security benefits, you need the help of a lawyer. Schemes can involve offering false information, making false statements concerning your income, hiding information that could affect your benefits or using social security benefits you get on behalf of someone else for your benefit.


Defense contractor fraud – A large section of government defense expenditure is covered by defense contracting. Some services and goods that defense contractors provide regularly include building facilities, repairs, equipment, technical services, and supplies. There are various situations in which the government can allege fraud against you in your defense contract including offering cross charge expenses from the fixed cost to cost-plus contracts, failure to provide services or products, substituting substandard products for the ones that were specified on the contract, or improper allocation of expenses.


Health care fraud –according to reports, health care fraud is known to cost the nation billions every year. This kind of fraud occurs in various ways including people engaging in identity theft with the aim of obtaining more benefits or making false payment claims of engaging in fraudulent billing practices.


False Claims Act


This act is the cornerstone of fraud enforcement by the government. It allows whistleblowers to get a reward under qui tam provisions. Usually, the government fraud cases are prosecuted under the False Claims Act which was endorsed during the civil war. This legislation is still used to date, and it lets specific whistleblowers offer testimony/ direction that can be a basis for False Claims Act charges. Additionally, the whistleblowers are offered legal standing to sue depending on the investigation and the prosecution, eventually sharing in the proceeds the government covers. When you have a professional who can represent your case including a legal firm that understands what is required to establish a valid charge, you will be on the safe side.


Contact Spodek Law Group to get a government fraud lawyer


Since fraud against the government is a grave matter, and you may be subjected to severe penalties when convicted, including restitution and imprisonment, you need to work with a professional criminal defense attorney from our organization. In case the alleged fraud connects you with your job as a government contractor, you could be excluded from getting federal programs for good, an occurrence that could end your career. It is advisable that you contact a proficient fraud attorney as soon as you can if you are accused of this kind of offense.

Our lawyers are experienced, and most of them were former criminal defense investigators and federal defenders who now devote their time to working for our clients. We always take a 360-degree approach to defend the rights of our customers when they are faced with criminal fraud charges. Do not be stressed on your own. Contact us today and get topnotch services and help winning your government fraud case.

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