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New York Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyers

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Physical therapists are necessary to treat a number of different accidents, injuries, and conditions. Regardless of age, visiting a physical therapist may be necessary so it is an important job to have. But when something goes wrong, a physical therapist may be blamed.

When facing a case as a physical therapist, it is important to remember that you aren’t automatically guilty. With the right defense and a strong team of lawyers, you don’t need to worry about losing your license or career.

If you are a physical therapist facing a professional misconduct case, you will need a physical therapy license defense lawyer.

When a Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer is Necessary

The main goal of visiting a physical therapist is to help restore a muscle, body part, or joint after an injury occurs. But like medical doctors, nurses, and other therapy providers, a malpractice or negligence claim can be brought up.

A person may press charges against a physical therapist if they believe they used malfunctioning equipment, did not provide appropriate care, did not give proper supervision, or they falsely advertised their services. In any of these events, the individual believes that the care performed by the physical therapist has led to further injury or damages.

Here is a breakdown of some of the different classifications that may be brought up against a Physical Therapist. Regardless of which area your case falls into, you will want to get the assistance of a Physical Therapist License Defense Attorney:

Product Liability

If the individual believes that the equipment used did not meet necessary standards and caused harm, the case against the physical therapist may involve product liability. This kind of case could also include if the practice location or clinic did not have applicable standards when it comes to lose handrails or tripping hazards.

Although these are not the direct fault of the physical therapist, they are all things that the therapist needs to consider. To avoid these kinds of cases or law suits, it is important to consistently check equipment and various areas of the building to ensure it is safe.


A malpractice case involves when the right care was not taken to ensure proper health and recovery. Malpractice includes when a physical therapist does not give adequate care after surgery or when they do not perform to the best of their ability.

A malpractice case results in further damage to the individual or may cause the injuries to take more time to heal.


Malpractice and negligence are not the same but may often be confused. In a malpractice suit, the individual believes that the person did something wrong or inappropriate. But in a negligent supervision case, they believe that the physical therapist did not give them the attention that they needed and that resulted in more damage or a lack of car.

A negligent supervision case may come from an individual hurting themselves using equipment when they were not given proper supervision or other injuries, like burns, resulting from hot packs or other standard equipment.

False Advertising

A false advertising claim can be made when an individual feels as if the physical therapist made promises that they were not able to keep. If the physical therapist delayed the individuals recovery or otherwise did not provide the service they had promised, the patient may be able to sue for a false advertising case.

Connecting with a lawyer can help you understand what each case means and what you should do about it.

A malpractice case against a physical therapist should be taken incredibly seriously. If it is found that the physical therapist did not perform their service to their best ability or that they intentionally harmed the individual, they could face losing their license. Without a license, a physical therapist would be unable to perform and will be without a job.

If you are a physical therapist facing a malpractice case or other threat to your license, a Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer can help you.

Why a Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer is Needed

When your job is on the line, you don’t want to mess around with what could happen. You want to work with someone who is experienced and can bring the best defense possible to the table.

Working with an expert Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer can help you ensure that your license is protected. You will want to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure that you are completely protected and you don’t say or do anything that could compromise your position and your license.

If you are in need of a Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer, you will want to select someone that you trust. You are placing your license and career into the hands of the lawyer and their team, so you want to be sure to ask questions, discuss the problem and process, and work through the case with someone you believe cares about your position.

Any physical therapist facing any kind of threat to their license will want to contact a lawyer as quickly as possible. Don’t allow the case to go ignored and don’t let it fall out of your hands. With the right Physical Therapy License Defense Lawyer, you can take back control of your practice and get your career back on track.