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New York Hospital Negligence Defense Attorneys

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If you or a member of your family has suffered serious injury as a result of neglect by a nurse, doctor or hospital, you could be having a valid medical malpractice case. While it’s very easy to locate attorneys through the Internet or in the phone book who deal with all manner of legal cases including medical negligence, it is very crucial to appreciate that cases involving medical malpractice are among the most complicated legal cases to follow up. An attorney needs lots of experience and legal knowledge with both medical malpractice and medicine law.

It is important to verify whether the attorney is a member of any personal injury trial lawyers’ groups or professional associations. A good example is the American Association of Trial Lawyers or some of New York’s trial lawyers’ association. However, remember that it doesn’t cost much to become a member, therefore check out if the attorney or legal firm holds leadership roles or is an active member. Such factors will give you an indication if they are held in great esteem by fellow medical malpractice attorneys. Health Care Law Associates are full and active members of the American Association of Trial Lawyers.

Carefully check out the track record of the law firm or attorney. Inquire what percentage of the cases they handle are related to medical malpractice because the higher the percentage, the better. In addition, find out the proportion of cases that finally go to full trial rather than being settled out of court. If the attorney is known for settling, in most cases, the insurance companies will be aware of that and they will negotiate accordingly. At our firm, we handle all medical ceases on their merit and only follow the course of action that works to your best interest.

Experience and Reputation of the Lawyers

The bigger portion of attorneys who specialize in medical negligence or malpractice law either defend medical personnel/institutions against lawsuits or will represent injured patients, although not usually both. Health Care Law Associates has been handling medical malpractice cases for many years, has tried and settled lots of such cases on behalf of many injured victims in New York.

For a medical malpractice victim to get the best or most favourable settlement in a medical negligence case (for the money spent covering the medical expenses, income loss, the suffering and pain), your attorney has to have all the facts and figures at hand. This is what makes your case strong and makes the hospital insurance carrier or lawyer to respect your attorney. This kind of respect and healthy fear only comes from the years of experience acquired by the attorney and their track record when handling medical malpractice cases.

Health Care Law Associates has been successfully trying medical negligence cases in New York and beyond and is respected and well known by the other lawyers who represent hospitals and doctors. Our track record in obtaining favourable settlements and verdicts can be verified by visiting our official website.

Financial Ability

To successfully prepare, file and follow up on a medical or hospital malpractice case is not cheap in terms of cost. Many individual lawyers are unable to raise such huge amounts of money, sometimes over $50, 000, with some even asking the victim to meet the costs. For a victim of malpractice, this is really not helping the situation and many are not in positions of advancing the required money to the attorney. Health Care Law Associates will handle the finances on your behalf to the extent possible.


Prior to engaging an attorney, ask them for references that you could check out. You will want to get in touch with some previous clients who can comment on the trustworthiness and skills of the lawyer. Ask them whether they are okay when you contact some of their client’s representatives. If the lawyer firm is restricted by privacy concerns from sharing the details of their past clients, try checking the archives of some New York newspapers. From there, it is possible to dig up several clients names. At Health Care Law Associates, our records are open so long as we don’t flaunt any privacy laws. We are a transparent legal firm.

How our Attorneys Can Assist

It’s very crucial that you get in touch with our attorneys at Health Care Law Associates immediately you suspect you could be having a potential case of hospital negligence. This is because the majority of people may not even be aware they could be having a potential medical negligence claim, and hence end up losing the opportunity of pursuing justice for the injuries.

The detailed defense representation we offer includes a deep understanding of the issues that have the potential of impacting medical negligence cases.

Some of the angles we pursue on your behalf include the following:

  • Using our vast expertise and experience to assess your case
  • Undertaking investigations into the incident and establishing who was at fault
  • Arranging for the gathering of expert medical testimony
  • Handling the insurance companies
  • Putting together a compelling court case and negotiating on your behalf
  • Analyzing how the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) impacts on your case.


Remember that you shouldn’t necessarily just cross off from your potential list an attorney just because they are unable to meet you on short notice. It’s good to note that medical negligence lawyers are very busy because they are few in number. Quality comes at a price, so be patient. At Health Care Law Associates, we only take your case when we know we shall act in your best interest.

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