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New York Healthcare Lawyers

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Healthcare is an ever-changing field. To navigate these tricky waters, you need competent legal representation from an experienced healthcare lawyer. State laws, federal laws and countless rules and regulations govern the conduct of healthcare service providers and healthcare suppliers at every turn.

Why New York Healthcare Service Providers Need New York Healthcare Attorneys

Given the high level of care that healthcare professionals and healthcare suppliers are expected to deliver, it’s easy to make a mistake. Unfortunately, just one error of judgment can destroy your professional career. Fortunately, the New York healthcare attorneys understand the complexities of New York healthcare law, and they bring more than 50 years of combined legal experience to bear on each and every case.

Legal Representation In All Areas Of New York Healthcare

We defend healthcare service providers and healthcare suppliers in city, state and federal cases. We represent cases involving Federal Physician Self-Referral Prohibition, also known as the Federal Stark Law, as well as cases involving the Federal Anti-Kickback Statute. We have represented clients in cases related to abuse, fraud, fee-splitting, self-referrals, kickbacks and other charges under the laws of New York State. Our experience extends to a multitude of other areas of New York healthcare law, including but not limited to:

Healthcare provider fraud
Employment disputes
Hiring and firing disputes
Managed care complaints
Healthcare billing disputes
Licensing and credentialing
Healthcare litigation

Benefits Of Retaining New York Healthcare Attorneys

Today’s healthcare service providers can become so bogged down in legal matters that there’s no time left to care for patients. Many healthcare service providers address this issue by retaining legal counsel to handle these matters so they can devote themselves to patient care.

As attorneys well-versed in all areas of New York healthcare law, we can help a little, or we can help a lot. It’s completely up to you. Do you need one-on-one counsel from a seasoned healthcare attorney about an unfamiliar or uncommon legal matter? Do you need a high-powered law firm to oversee your healthcare facility mergers and acquisitions? Are you in the market for a knowledgeable healthcare attorney who can help you start a new healthcare business and ensure that the facility is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations? We have the knowledge, manpower, experience and expertise to do what must be done.

A large number of healthcare service providers today retain general legal counsel to oversee the day-to-day operations of treatment centers such as clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities and urgent care centers. Having legal counsel on board is one of the best ways to ensure ongoing compliance with city, state and federal regulations.

Who Do New York Healthcare Lawyers Represent?

As experienced litigators, we defend a wide variety of healthcare service providers and healthcare suppliers in cases involving the New York Medical Board and the New York Board of Nursing. Those we have represented include:

Doctors and nurse practitioners
Nurses and nursing assistants
Pharmacists and pharmacy assistants
Dentists and dental assistants
Medical care facility administrators
Home health care service providers
Psychologists and mental health workers
Physical and occupational therapists
Skilled nursing facilities
Outpatient surgeries
Urgent care facilities
Medical care outpatient clinics
Medical equipment providers
Medical testing facilities and laboratories

We also represent healthcare providers in medical malpractice and medical negligence lawsuits.

Counsel And Representation In Privacy And Confidentiality Cases

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a law that sets forth privacy standards related to medical records and patient health information. HIPAA is a complex set of rules that can be very confusing to medical service providers. We can help you and your New York healthcare facility to remain compliant with privacy and confidentiality laws and policies. If an oversight should occur, we can represent your interests in court.

Assistance With New York Healthcare Compliance Law

Keeping up with the rules and regulations governing New York healthcare delivery can be a full-time job. Our firm can help you to remain compliant with the constantly-changing laws of regulatory compliance. We can conduct a review of the regulatory compliance of your existing facility, and we can help you to develop and implement a compliance plan for a new facility. A lawful compliance plan can weigh in your favor should your facility be subjected to a third-party review or a government audit.

Over-payment Demands Representation And Experienced Audit Defense

We have represented many medical service providers in matters related to healthcare audits and over-payment demands, including Medicare and Medicaid cases and private audits. Our services include communicating and negotiating with auditors as well as representing our clients in court. We understand the tricky appeals process, especially as it relates to Medicare appeals, and we know how to move Medicare appeals forward before they get stuck in the clogged appeals pipeline.