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New York Adoption Lawyer

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If you live in the state of New York and thinking about adoption, you need to seek out the advice of an attorney.

Adoption is a very serious step in a person’s life. You will need to know everything about the process before you commit. Adoption can be a long and tedious process. In the state of New York, agencies will not just give out children to anyone. There are hundreds of families seeking to adopt every year. Not everyone will qualify. This can be extremely heartbreaking to parents who want to have children. If you are ready to adopt, first consult an adoption attorney. The will provide you with the information and support you need regarding the process.

The first step in becoming an adoptive parent is finding a proper agency.

You will need to fill out an application and submit it. The next step is the home training process. A caseworker will be assigned to you to help you in the selection process. Once you have a child, it’s not over yet. You will still be monitored for 3 months to ensure that the adoption is a fit for you and the child. The entire process from start to finish could very well take up to 2 years. If you need to know more about adoption, it would be wise to consult an adoption lawyer. They can give you all the information you need regarding adoption process.

If you are planning to go the private adoption route, you will definitely need an attorney from start to finish.

During a private adoption, all birth parents rights are rescinded. There are benefits of private adoptions:

  • There is no waiting list and the expectant mother can pull your profile at any time.
  • Private adoptions have fewer requirements.
  • Lawyers will offer you assistance with profiles and marketing yourself.
  • Working with an attorney is far safer.

Adoptions can be difficult on both the birth mother and adoptive parents. As the time grows closer, there can be a lot of anxiety, confusion and reconsideration by the birth mother. It is only natural that the birth mother waffles back and forth on her decision. The adoption lawyer will do everything they can to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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Adoption attorneys can represent a wide range of people:

  • Single people, married couples and same-sex couples
  • Birth mothers and parents who have made the decision to place their child up for adoption.
  • Stepparents who want to adopt.
  • Adoptive parents of a foreign child.

Most adoption lawyers have years of experience in helping to match children with the right adoptive parent. Several agencies have successfully helped thousands of people find children. If you are ready to take that next step, call an experienced adoption attorney now. At the very least, let them counsel you and answer all of your questions and concerns. A good adoption attorney is personally vested in your case and will do everything they can to unite you with the child of your dreams.

There are some international adoption laws that are specific to the state of New York.

Make sure you are fully aware of your rights as an adoptive parent before you take that important step.