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NJ Nurse License Defense Lawyer

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There may come a time in a professional’s career when a state license and corresponding right to earn a living by their profession, may threatened. Whether it is due to a criminal charge or some other reason of alleged malpractice, the professional in the interest of expediency may seek to use the same attorney for all of the charges made. In the case of a criminal charge against a New Jersey nurse where the individual’s NJ Nursing License is at stake, hiring a criminal attorney is, of course, crucial; however, retaining a professional license attorney, specifically one that specializes in NJ License Defense is just as important for five reasons: 1.) Focus: A criminal defense attorney focuses on the criminal charges and your defense in that particular area; 2.) Quality: Even if there is some overlap in coverage from the criminal case to the license defense case, that is not enough to secure release to continue to practice under your license; 3) License Defense Expertise: A New Jersey license defense attorney is experienced is the specifics of state licensure law to give you the best defense possible before the New Jersey licensing board, 4) Quantity: In the end it is more financially expedient to hire both a criminal and a professional license defense attorney, and finally,5) Time: It is better for two attorneys to work concurrently taking less time to prepare and to present each defense with equal excellence.

Five Reasons for Retaining New Jersey License Defense Counsel

Focus: Criminal Defense Attorneys Focus on the Criminal Charges

First, if your licensure is jeopardized by a criminal charge, a criminal defense attorney focuses on disposing of criminal charges using statutory and case laws – and that’s a good thing. Criminal law can be quite intricate and involved depending on the facts and laws in a given case. Your criminal defense lawyer will focus on that aspect of your case to secure the best defense possible. That defense will prioritize the elimination or limitation on the chances of incarceration or other potential outcomes of the case. Criminal defense attorneys, by virtue of their expertise and focus, will not take the time to gain the knowledge and expertise necessary to mount as good a defense before the New Jersey nurse licensing board. Balancing between required court documentation, preparation, and court or other appearances, your criminal defense attorney’s time will be fully utilized.

Quality: Any Overlap Between the Criminal and License Defenses Could Result in Insufficient Defenses

Second, even if there is some overlap in coverage between, for instance, a criminal case and the license defense case, it will be insufficient to secure the best defense on the licensure case to ensure your right to continue practicing your profession. The question is, why would you want to take such a chance with your livelihood and your family’s security? It is wiser to seek counsel for each area of expertise where you are facing a threat. You do not want to saddle, for instance, a criminal attorney, with two cases and doing so limit his or her effectiveness on both your criminal defense and licensure defenses.

Expertise: A New Jersey Nurse License Defense Attorney Will Focus on Nurse License Defense

Third, a New Jersey license defense attorney is experienced is the specifics of NJ sate nursing licensure law to give you the best defense possible before the New Jersey licensing board. He or she will focus on this defense in cooperation with your criminal defense attorney. The key here is to retain the right expertise for the specific charges.

Quantity: It is More Financially Expedient to Hire a New Jersey License Defense Attorney

Fourth, in the end it is more financially expedient to hire both a criminal and professional license defense attorneys. This might seem counter-intuitive, but an attorney is only as good as his ability to focus on his area(s) of expertise. An attorney should never overreach into an area where there is only a level of familiarity. It again comes down to the ability to focus. As stated above, your criminal defense, or other attorney, will focus on his area of expertise first, then tangentially on the license defense as an after-thought. That is simply because he or she is human. One cannot be an expert on everything. Consequently, if the criminal defense attorney is also the license defense attorney, he will try to do the best job possible, but will now have to spend considerable time researching NJ nurse licensure cases as well as board regulations, in order to mount the best defense possible. And even then, it may not enough, because he simply did not have the experience in defending nurse licensing cases. Which ties into the fifth reason to retain a New Jersey licensing defense attorney.

Time is of the Essence – You Need Two Defenses Running Concurrently Where Possible

Fifth, time is of the essence. If you have to wait on the criminal defense attorney to get to the license defense case, you might further endanger your license. And even if that is not an issue, it may actually extend the time it takes to dispose of both cases. If in fact, the license case depends on the disposition of the criminal case, you would want two individuals working simultaneously as much as is necessary, as a team. Your criminal lawyer will work on your criminal case but still be in communication with your license defense lawyer so that both parties can mount the best defense possible for you, and in a timely manner. There is no time to waste, therefore, retaining counsel in each area of expertise will ensure that you receive resolution as soon as it is possible, as opposed to waiting for one part to be completely disposed of before preparation begins for the other.

In summary, we have given you five interrelated and important reasons to retain separate counsel when presented with the risk of losing your NJ nursing license. This individual must have an established practice NJ professional license defense law. You spend many years preparing for and gaining experience in your chosen vocation. Entrusting your investment of time, past, present, and future, in the hands of the average criminal or civil defense attorney is similar to playing Russian roulette with your career, your livelihood, and your family’s well-being. Therefore, we highly recommend you retain counsel specifically for your defense before the New Jersey Nurse Licensing Board.