26 Aug 23

NJ License Defense Lawyers

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You have worked very hard to earn your degree, and even harder to earn your license. If your right to continue to practice under that license was ever in jeopardy, you need to consider retaining someone with the expertise in the area of license defense law. You need a New Jersey License defense lawyer. At such a crucial juncture, you would not want to entrust your right to continue to practice in your chosen field to someone who may dabble in the field now and again – if ever. You want the expert.

And although you might be tempted to entrust your license defense to a criminal or civil attorney, you need to keep in mind the following 4 reasons for retaining separate counsel. First, a criminal or civil attorney would be more familiar with and focus on their area of law. Second, the quality of defense will be best with a NJ license defense lawyer. Third, the NJ license defense lawyer would most likely have experience with your particular issue. Fourth, in the end, you will be saving more time and money by retaining separate counsel specific to your need. Fifth, and most importantly, your family. These are just a few of the main reasons why you should hire a New Jersey license defense attorney should your license ever be at risk.

First, the focus of the legal defense matters. For instance, a criminal defense attorney will focus on the criminal charges and not on the license defense issue. Similarly, if the issue that has jeopardized your license is a civil one, the civil attorney would focus on the civil charges first and foremost – and rightly so. The bottom line is, in order to defend your license to practice, you need an attorney who is an expert in NJ license defense so that focused time and effort can be expended there as well any other contributing issue. All of the issues would be important, hence the reason to retain counsel who are experts in all of their given fields.

Secondly, a related issue to focus is the issue of the quality of the defense. No attorney wants to mount a shoddy defense. However, if your attorney is attempting to handle an issue outside of his expertise, that is probably what you would get. Or you might get someone who is a star at everything – But that is highly unlikely to happen. The reason is because we live in such a litigious society, that our laws have become highly complex and have therefore, created a high degree of specialization. That’s why you want an expert for the best quality license defense possible.

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Third, related to the idea of the quality of the defense, is the expertise needed in the legal area today. You want a quarter back who delivers touch downs not only on practice days, but who can also deliver touch downs on game day. When dealing with an issue that can cost you your NJ license to practice, you need a NJ license defense lawyer like Peyton Manning.

Fourth, the time and money you will be spending will be considerably reduced by retaining separate counsel to handle your NJ license defense. If you are dealing with a criminal issue that is jeopardizing your NJ license, you would want your attorneys working together to offer you the best defense in both areas. That way both attorneys can concentrate on their area of expertise without an ancillary, and often, unfamiliar issue, hanging over their heads. To be frank, the best strategy to save time and money, is to hire a NJ license defense attorney to handle that particular issue so that he could run with the ball once any other issue has been disposed on by other counsel.

And a fifth and interrelated reason is your family. Perhaps the most important reason among them to get it right. Your family is under enough stress with the reasons surrounding this licensure issue. It would add insult to injury if your attorney failed to mount an excellent defense on the licensure issue because he simply lacked the expertise, time, focus and dedication to secure a victory on the license defense issue. There is too much at risk: possibly your freedom, you right to practices, and the livelihood that helps to maintain your family. Families have been destroyed by the financial stress of losing the professional income it has come to rely on. But above and beyond the financial benefit, there can be a level of added shame from losing a license to practice and perhaps a level of influence that often goes with it. The chances you would take with a non-expert in NJ license law is not worth risking the welfare of all those you hold dear.

Given all of these reasons and the many others unmentioned here, would you still entrust your NY license defense to a lawyer who does not have what it takes to secure yours and your family’s future. If you are not yet convinced of your need to retain counsel perhaps the truth of what you risk have not hit you yet. However, when your license is at risk, that is no time to gamble on your attorney’s ability to adequately defend your right to earn a living in your field.

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And unfortunately, far too many people have made the mistake of assuming “a lawyer is a lawyer.” They did so because they did not understand the reality of specialization in the field of law. With this same reason, would you go to a cardiologist if your medical problem was neurological? Exactly! You would not say, “a doctor is a doctor”, because just as there are different parts of the body, there are different part of the body of law. There are so many different areas of law, and the complexities makes it even more crucial to retain the right practitioner to increase your chances of winning. That’s the crux of the matter, In the end, it comes down to who offers the best chance of a win; and that is the NJ license defense lawyer.