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NJ Drug Possession Lawyers

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New Jersey Drug Possession Charges are Too Harsh

The “War on Drugs” that began in the 1970s forever changed the attitudes and priorities of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in America. Instead of devoting resources to preventing violent crimes and nabbing violent criminals, today’s criminal justice system chooses to spend a large chunk of its time targeting those who are struggling with addiction or who have committed minor drug offenses.

In fact, here in New Jersey, prosecutions for drug-related offenses surpass prosecutions for any other kind of offense. The prison population often includes people who have not and would not dream of hurting anybody else. Instead, many people sentenced to the harsh reality of prison are everyday, harmless citizens who simply face a battle that millions of other Americans also fight.

Because of continuously evolving and expanding drug laws, today’s criminal justice practices can mean that someone who makes one little mistake spends a seemingly endless number of years in jail. This is not fair, and the many victims of today’s draconian drug laws find themselves brushed aside by the media and ridiculed by the general public.

The truth is clear. The penalties for drug possession are far too severe, and law enforcement takes an approach toward those accused of drug possession that is much too aggressive. It would be natural for anyone who is subject to today’s drug possession laws to be scared out of their mind. After all, being convicted of a drug offense can mean the loss of freedom and a bleak future.

Harsh Penalties Even for Minor Offenses

Contrary to what many in the general public might think, the harsh penalties associated with a drug conviction are not necessarily only for big-time offenders. Drug possession laws are often explicitly designed to target those who are in possession of nothing more than a small amount of a controlled substance when they are arrested.

Some people accused of drug possession are accused unjustly. But no matter what the circumstances are behind a drug possession case, the prosecution is sure to want to seek the toughest consequences and penalties for a drug possession defendant.

The likelihood of severe penalties can definitely seem like all hope is lost. But, for defendants who seek strong legal representation, there may be hope after all. If you have been charged with drug possession in New Jersey, you need a legal team dedicated to creating that hope for you. The New Jersey drug possession attorneys at Spodek Law Group may be able to do just that. Contact us today.

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How Drug Charges Often Happen

Facing drug possession charges can be the brutal consequence that follows something like simply getting pulled over while driving. Police know that many of these traffic stops will lead to them finding drugs, so they aggressively pursue traffic stops with the hope of pressing more drug charges.

Drug charges can also follow something like just visiting the house of someone who is suspected of being a drug dealer. Even people who have called the police to protect themselves from a crime can actually find themselves charged with a crime if the police come out and find drugs at the scene.

Police Mistakes

However, the police aren’t perfect. They often make mistakes. The law governing the procedures that police must follow when gathering evidence is complex, and if the police make a mistake, any evidence they gather may be inadmissible. An experienced law firm like Spodek Law Group is familiar with these legal rules and can help make sure that all laws and rules were followed and are followed in your case.

The police and the prosecution are not on your side. Once they have evidence they think they can use against you, they will prosecute your case as aggressively as possible. But Spodek Law Group is on your side, and we may even be able to get your case dismissed before you go to court.

Get Help Defending Your Rights

Spodek Law Group can help. We offer free consultations, and we are available 24/7. We also offer payment plans if money is a concern for you. Drug charges are serious, and in order to protect your freedom and your future, you need the right kind of help. Let Spodek Law Group offer that help to you. Contact us today.