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NJ Domestic Violence Lawyers

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Family Violence in New Jersey: Understanding the Dynamics and the Need for Legal Representation

As much as we wish it weren’t true, family violence is a reality in New Jersey. Families are a complex system here in the state, and the entanglements sometimes spill over into violence. Arguments over financial matters, fidelity, and even day to day life sometimes spiral into a lapse in judgment and physical violence.

Domestic Violence in Families

Domestic violence in the home sometimes happens. It’s a reality of American life. There are also times when accusations of domestic violence are fabricated and wholly untrue. In these instances, a defense lawyer is necessary so that courts will get to the heart of the matter quickly.

Relationships of all kinds are tricky to decipher for outside parties. People who aren’t emotionally invested in a relationship won’t understand the chemistry between both parties and how events escalated to include a domestic violence accusation. Taken at face value, an accusation may sound plausible and even true. Sometimes they aren’t, though, and thousands of defense lawyers represent clients every year who have been falsely accused of violence when they are in fact innocent.

The Dynamics of Family Violence Charges

Police often go into a domestic violence scene with the assumption that only one person is telling the truth. In reality, both people may be recalling the incident in a way that seems true to them. And most unfortunate, there are times when someone vindictively gets mad at a partner and wants to harm them by claiming they were assaulted when in fact they weren’t.

When you think of the complex nature of family dynamics, it’s easy to see how a false accusation might come about. Both parties may be at the beginning of a messy divorce, still living together, and arguing over custody. Emotions run high, both people are in pain, and both people have something to gain from seeming like the “better parent.” It’s in a moment like this that tempers might ignite and lead to an unpleasant incident.

Both will argue over what happened, and sometimes it really will be that a domestic violence incident occurred. There are others time, though, when an accuser will fabricate a domestic violence incident so they can try to get custody of a child or make their partner look bad to the community. It’s sad, but this does happen in our society.

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NJ Family Violence Lawyers

Partners who’ve been accused of violence need to immediately contact New Jersey Family Violence defense lawyers. With a 95% success rate, the team here dedicates their lives to seeing that justice is served when someone falsely accuses someone of domestic violence. Every single member of the team represents their client to the fullest.

Why You Need a Lawyer

1. The legal system is stacked against you: People tend to automatically believe domestic violence accusations. There is a presumption of guilt from the moment you are accused. Without a lawyer to build your case and reveal your character, you are fighting a system that doesn’t believe you.

2. Family violence is emotionally damaging: Just like violence itself is damaging, being accused of violence can be just as damaging. Knowing you have a lawyer who believes you and defends you is comforting during this trying time.

3. Mitigation is important: Someone who can speak for you and tell your story is vital in a family violence defense. You need someone who can intervene on your behalf and tell a story that it might be too hard for you to tell right now.

4. Your best chance to win is to get a lawyer: People accused of domestic violence are fighting an uphill battle. If you’re going to be one of these people, your best chance to win your case and be free is to get a lawyer.

Get a NJ Family Violence Defense Lawyer

If you haven’t hired a lawyer to defend you yet, it’s time. A domestic violence charge is very serious. It will be a blotch on your life for the rest of your life. Don’t let that happen. Contact our team today and defend yourself against unfair and false allegations of family violence. We’ll fight for you while you fight to regain your life.