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NJ Assault Criminal Defense Lawyers

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Assault Charges in New Jersey: Understanding the Law

Assault is one of the most misunderstood crimes in New Jersey. In the state, an individual can be charged with assault if they threaten to cause bodily harm or injury to another person. A simple assault becomes a felony if a weapon is used during the attack or threat. Further complicating matters, a civil lawsuit may be brought against a person accused of assault, even without a conviction for the crime.

No doubt about it, an assault charge is profoundly serious in New Jersey. In the heat of the moment, things can spiral out of hand very quickly. Most people do not consider the ramifications of their actions when anger gets the best of them.

In mere seconds, your life can be turned upside down after an assault. Talk to an attorney as soon as possible after an assault charge.

Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers in New Jersey

As aggressive criminal lawyers in New Jersey, fighting for our client’s best interest comes naturally. We fight to get the case dismissed whenever possible. If we cannot get the case dismissed, we work to ensure our client receives a fair trial and the most lenient sentencing possible.

Each assault case is unique. We handle the case based on specific details of your case, resulting in a better outcome when all is said and done. The burden of proof lies on the prosecution team. Our objective is putting doubt in the mind. Our lawyers fight for justice in your name when we appear in court.

We successfully defend individuals charged with assault in NJ every day and can ensure you go home, not jail, after the case is over. We fight hard for our clients, searching for discrepancies in witness statements, memory lapse, and other details we can use to defend your case.

Our lawyers take the time to listen to every detail of your case with a judgement-free ear. Remember, we are on your side and never make matters worse for you. Our law team has nothing but the best intentions for you and the assault case at hand.

Types of Criminal Assault

An assault refers to the unwanted physical touch of another person with the intent to cause bodily harm or injury or scare the individual into thinking this will happen. Assault charges become more serious when a weapon is used or when unwanted sexual contact is involved.

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When a person uses a weapon against another person during the commission of an assault, the charge becomes known as aggravated assault. Aggravated assault is a felony charge. A person convicted of aggravated assault in New Jersey faces time in prison.

An assault conviction may cause detrimental effects on your life well after the case is closed. It is the tarnished name that assault convictions leave behind that concern many people. Your criminal record is public information that can affect your chances of landing a job, securing a rental home, etc.

When Can I Be Charged With Federal Assault?

Most assault charges come at the state level but can become a federal crime if the assault takes place against a federal employee or when it occurs on federal property. Federal crimes often result in considerably harsher sentences than state assault crimes.

You need a lawyer any time you face a criminal charge. However, federal criminal charges heighten the need. Do not appear in court to answer any type of assault charge without the expertise of a criminal lawyer standing by your side. It could be the worst mistake of your life. Do not learn this the hard way.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free no-obligation consultation with our legal team if you are facing an assault charge. We will listen to the details of the case and help you better understand how we can help with the matter. Whether a state or federal crime, our lawyers have the expertise and experience to successfully defend your case. Your life and freedom both are on the line when facing an assault charge. We would love to defend your case and help ensure the best outcome at the end of the day. Get in touch with our lawyers today!