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New Jersey Immigration Fraud Lawyers

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Moving to the United States: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Complexities of Immigration

The decision to move to the United States is a momentous choice. There are many ways to move to the United States legally. At the same time, it is possible to make mistakes in the process of applying for the right to come to the United States or stay here. American immigration laws can be extremely complicated and confusing. Missing a single deadline or filling out paperwork incorrectly can jeopardize your status in the United States and your ability to remain here. People who are accused of an immigration violation can also face far more serious problems if they come to the attention of American immigration authorities. They may face the very real possibility of jail time for immigration violations. Offenders may also face the prospect of deportation back to their country of origin.

Many Kinds of Matters

There many kinds of immigration issues that can have an impact on a person’s life as an immigrant in the United States. For example, many immigrants want to become Legal Permanent Residents. This is known as getting a Green Card. Green Cards confer the right to stay in the United States. In some instances, it may be necessary for the person seeking this form of change to go back to their country of origin. That is known as consular processing. Having to undergo consular processing can be difficult, time consuming and costly. Rather than having to head back and reapply from a distant country, immigrants can apply for what is known as an Adjustment of Status. That allows the apply to remain in the United States throughout the process of applying for a Green Card. If someone is not eligible for this process but mistakenly believes to the contrary, they may be charged with immigration fraud. An immigration lawyer can help them fight these charges.

Asking For Asylum

Another process that may impact a person’s right to remain in the United States is the process of seeking asylum. It is legal to ask for asylum. However, the American government may also deny a claim if it does not meet certain criteria. This area of the law can be unclear. For example, some current residents of the United States have what is known as Temporary Protective Status. This is a form of residency that is designed to allow people to remain in the United States if they are unable to return home because of political instability in their land of origin or because of a problem such as a natural disaster. People with this status cannot be deported. However, once conditions change it can be revoked. In that case, they can try other options such as applying for asylum. Making a false claim of asylum can lead to charges of fraud. Contacting an immigration laws is essential under these circumstances.

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Other Kinds of Fraud

An applicant can be accused of engaging in immigration fraud under many other circumstances. For example, marrying an American citizen is one way to remain in the United States. If the immigration courts decide the marriage was only intended to defraud the government, one partner may be accused of fraud and face the possibility of deportation. People who have violated certain American laws by engaging in criminal activities such as drug smuggling or fraud may also be subject to all sorts of penalties. In addition to a jail term, they may be facing fines and the possibility of deportation once their sentence has been completed. People who are facing charges of immigration fraud have the right of access to counsel. A skilled immigration lawyer can help mitigate the effects of immigration violations.

Immigration Fraud and Serious Consequences

Immigration fraud can also take the form of deliberately falsifying immigration documents. For example, making up false passports can also lead to serious consequences. Someone who is accused of crimes related to immigration such as human trafficking by bringing a child or a group of potential workers across international borders may be facing immigration fraud charges These are serious charges. Being convicted of a crime of this kind can lead to a long stint in jail and heavy fines. Victims of this kind of immigration crime can ultimately apply for the right to remain in the United States.

Relief From Deportation

People can also ask for what is known as Relief From Deportation. This is a process that allows them to potentially head off deportation and remain in the United States. Over time they may even get a Green Card. Relief may be considered by the authorities if the applicant meets certain criteria. A judge will take factors into account such as the person’s ties to the United States, any prior criminal history, previous violations of American immigration laws and the state of the person’s homeland right now. An immigration lawyer can offer much needed legal assistance and useful counsel.

Key Points of Immigration in the United States