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How Do You Know If You’ve Been Charged With a Federal Crime?

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Last Updated on: 14th August 2023, 03:16 am

Federal Crimes and Legal Defense in New Jersey

Legal experts point out that most crimes are handled at the state level in New Jersey. However, certain crimes are considered federal cases and will be heard in the federal court system instead of the state. Some cases may involve both state-related charges and criminal federal charges, leading to confusion for the average person. Many New Jersey residents are uncertain about how to determine if they’ve been charged with a federal crime.

Understanding Civil and Criminal Proceedings

Some law firms specialize in federal crime defense, both in civil and criminal courts. These firms have attorneys who are well-versed in various federal crimes and effective criminal defense strategies for their clients. When the evidence isn’t sufficient for a criminal charge, some charges may be filed in civil courts, which require less evidentiary proof. Civil actions are often focused on financial compensation or settlements.

Federal Charges and White-Collar Crimes

Examples of federal charges related to white-collar crimes include Medicaid and Medicare fraud cases, public corruption charges, and various forms of tax evasion. It’s crucial for corporations and individuals facing federal charges to hire lawyers with extensive background experience and a successful track record in winning such cases. These charges can be severe, given the high dollar amounts associated with these white-collar crimes that have gone unnoticed for an extended period.

Prior Prosecution Experience

Former prosecutors often transition to becoming federal criminal defenders. This experience gives these defense lawyers a significant advantage. They can anticipate the strategies of opposing legal experts and plan their defense accordingly. When facing federal charges, it’s essential to request a lawyer before engaging with law enforcement or investigators.

Transfer of Criminal Offenses to Federal Courts

In some cases, criminal offenses like corruption charges are so widespread that they involve multiple states. For instance, a prostitution case where the offender crosses state lines to commit the act might fall under federal jurisdiction. Cases involving weapons or drug charges might even cross international borders, adding complexity to the defense. Federal prosecutors typically have more resources and experts to mount a comprehensive criminal prosecution.

Building an Aggressive Defense for New Jersey Defendants

The risk of being convicted of an international or federal crime is significant. Federal convictions come with harsh penalties, including mandatory sentencing guidelines that judges must follow. This could result in substantial monetary fines, fees, restitution orders, lengthy prison sentences, and extended probation obligations.

The first New Jersey defendant to cooperate with the prosecution usually receives more lenient sentencing. Therefore, it’s essential to have a seasoned federal crime defense attorney by your side throughout any federal criminal investigation.

A Law Firm with Extensive Resources

Lawyers working on federal criminal defense cases must have an extensive network of resources comparable to those available to prosecuting attorneys. Any individual or company charged with white-collar or federally handled crimes should meticulously select a law firm in New Jersey that can dedicate the necessary time, effort, and resources to effectively litigate their case in federal courts.

Choosing a Legal Team for Aggressive Defense

Choose a New Jersey federal criminal defense attorney who will aggressively protect your legal rights without delay. If there’s a possibility of a criminal investigation heading to federal court, the charged parties should seek an experienced attorney capable of resolving potential legal issues without a trial whenever possible.

Additionally, the attorney should have a reputation for handling high-profile cases discreetly, especially those involving well-known figures, to preserve their reputations throughout the lengthy legal proceedings.

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