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Mail Fraud Federal Defense Attorney

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Mail Fraud: What You Need to Know

Mail fraud is a heinous crime that is punishable by law. It is a federal offense, and the charges are brought by a federal prosecutor. This type of crime entails deception with the intent to gain financial benefit or material gain through the use of postal services, including the USPS and other carriers.

It should be noted, however, that sometimes mail fraud can also be prosecuted by a state’s attorney. This usually signifies an issue of jurisdiction, which may differ from one case to another. The jurisdiction for any criminal activity involving multiple states categorizes most mail fraud cases as felony offenses under federal law. However, the specific charges that will be brought for each case are determined based on various characteristics.

Crimes Associated with Mail Fraud

Mail fraud involves using mail services with an intention or plan to obtain material benefits at someone else’s expense through deceitful means. These crimes can also include tax and healthcare frauds among others.[1] Some instances involve fraudulent claims on government programs such as Medicare that uses mail services to receive unearned benefits.

Charges associated with mail fraud encompass a wide range of fraudulent activities perpetrated through the postal system. For example, selling property belonging to another person is included in this category. If there’s any attempt made using postal services to persuade someone into buying or sending money for illegitimate property, it qualifies as a case of mail fraud.

Penalties Associated Mail Fraud

The penalties for committing mail fraud are severe, often resulting in hefty prison sentences or fines reaching up to one million dollars[2]. It’s critical that anyone facing allegations hires competent counsel from an experienced federalmailem>fraud lawyer like those at our firm who specialize in defending clients against aggressive prosecutors and ensuring their rights are protected under the law.

The laws governing intent and activity cover any scheme or plan executed through fraudulent activities via mail according to U.S.C.§ 1341[3]. Any attempt, plan, or scheme that is a fraudulent activity committed through the mail can be prosecuted under this federal statute. Only a tenacious and experienced federal mail fraud defense attorney can help you navigate these burdensome legal waters.

Legal Defenses for Mail Fraud

Avoiding conviction should be a top priority when facing any such charge because it is virtually impossible to expunge a felony count of mail fraud from one’s criminal record. A legitimate argument to counter the prosecution’s evidence with minimal intent and good faith can often secure alternative sentencing or acquittal.

The strength of your defense strategy depends on the skillset and expertise of your chosen federal mail fraud defense lawyer; it would be wise only to choose the most experienced lawyer capable of defending your case in court.

Mail fraud is an offense punishable by law, and its penalties are severe. It involves using postal services while harboring an intention to defraud unsuspecting individuals through deceitful means for financial gains or material benefits. For anyone facing allegations of such charges, prompt steps should be taken to hire effective legal representation. The laws governing these offenses vary depending on circumstantial factors, hence necessitating comprehensive guidance from specialized attorneys who hold all-around familiarity with its nature.


Table Summarizing Key Aspects

Main Points Explained in Detail

Aspect Description
Type of Offense Mail Fraud is a federal offense and prosecuted by federal prosecutors
Criminal Activities Intentionally used postal services to gain materials or financial benefits through deceitful means.
Possible Jail Sentences Incarceration of up to 30 years can be common for mail fraud if found guilty.
Possible Penalties/Fines

$1 million in fines have been noted, in addition to possible lengthy prison sentences.

Misuse of postal service results in prison time of at least five years.

Legal Defenses The best strategy when facing mail fraud allegations is good faith defense. This type of defense is designed to challenge the prosecutor’s accusation by arguing that there was no intention or malice involved when the alleged offense occurred. Other defenses include showing that mishandled mail did not contribute significantly to the illegal activity or that you did not have knowledge of the contents. 





Main Point Explanation
Type of Offence & Jurisdiction Mail Fraud is a federal crime and prosecuted by the federal government. However, some cases of Mail Fraud can be handled by State Attorneys depending on jurisdiction.
Criminal Activities

The act of Mail Fraud covers activities designed to defraud through fraudulent practices created using postal services. 

Possible jail Sentences If found guilty, prison sentences for mail fraud can reach up to 30 years. 
Possible Penalties/Fines

The maximum fine for mail fraud has been known to reach $1 million in fines along with lengthy prison terms. Misuse of postal service results in prison time of at least five years.

Legal Defenses

  • Good faith defense provides grounds for your defense attorney to argue that there was no intention or malice involved when the alleged activity happened.

  • Clean hands Rule allows you to claim immunity against prosecution if their participation proves vital in catching the primary perpetrator committing a crime.

  • An entrapped-defense plea can be used if your participation in the alleged crime through mail fraud was done so under some form of lure or trickery.

  • The statute of limitations is five years, and this means that the prosecutor must file charges within five years after the crime before the case becomes invalid.