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Los Angeles Child Custody Lawyers

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Among the rights children are entitled to is the right to parental care, but due to divorce, the right becomes limited; hence parents have to work out the issue of child custody. Divorce does not halt the responsibilities parents have over their children; therefore, there is a need that a reasonable arrangement on the custody of the child is pursued through all relevant avenues. At Berenji & Associates, we hold dear the subject of child custody, and ours is to ensure that your interests in the custody of your child are addressed and argued before the relevant platforms with the intent of ensuring your child is placed in your custody.

The role of our attorneys in your case
Our firm is majorly a family law firm, and for over two combined decades in practice, we have internalized the value a favorable child custody decision holds to our clients. Over the years, through dedication to client matters, our team of attorneys has obtained favorable child custody orders even in cases where our clients never thought they had a chance. For us, our clients’ interests come first, and in a child custody matter, we are aware that nothing means the world to you more than an order giving you favorable child custody rights.

Therefore we put great emphasis on the pre-trial stage of each case. We understand the value of proper preparation, and it’s at the pre-trial stage that we craft our presentation of showing your good traits. Your ex-spouse might try to prove your incompetence as a parent, while they are at it, we always go far and beyond to ensure their negative attributes are also brought to the attention of the Court as a counter of their allegations. Our experience in the trial of child custody matters has enabled us almost to tell what arguments a former or estranged spouse is likely to present. Therefore, we prepare in advance the most admissible arguments that will help present a competent case. As usual, the child’s best interest takes precedence over every other principle, and ours is to help the Court see why it is in the child’s best interest that you are given custody.

Types of child custody
The type of child custody the Court will award in your case depends on the applicable law, prayers of each party, facts of the case, and the evidence presented by each party. The Court can either award the parties physical or legal custody, depending on what it deems fit. Once you reach out to our firm for your initial consultation, we will always take you through the types of custody so that you are aware on what to expect as the outcome of the Court or an out of court settlement; whichever medium you allow us to take in helping you resolve your matter.

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Physical custody can either be joint or sole. Joint physical custody is often awarded, where both parents present themselves as fit, responsible, and willing to uphold their child’s best interest by all means possible. On the other hand, sole physical custody pays attention to the physical availability of the parents and the character presented in Court by each. Ours is always to present a case that can help you get the type of custody you anticipated. For example, if you hope for sole physical custody, we always ensure the evidence presented shows your best attributes and discredits the other party’s character.

Legal custody can also either be joint or sole. The Court can jointly grant both parties the right to make decisions on behalf of the child on matters education, health, etc. Where the Court deems fit, it can award sole legal custody to one party if, by doing so, it upholds the best interest of the child.

Alternative dispute resolution
At Berenji & Associates, we believe in the building of cordial relationships on behalf of the child. Therefore if you choose the option of an out of court settlement, we give you the platform to do so, but we let you live room for modification of the settlement in case parties disagree in the future.

Call our office today and consult for free, let us help you resolve your child custody dilemma diligently and timeously.