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List of Federal Sex Crimes & Types of Charges

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List of Federal Sex Crimes & Types of Charges

A federal sex crime is a crime related to sexual behavior or sexual acts prosecuted in court. Federal sex crimes are the most severe type of sex crime prosecuted in federal courts.

In the U.S., a federal sex crime is a serious offense. Extensive prison sentences and penalties are associated with sex crimes. if someone is convicted of a sex crime, they will be placed on the sex offender registration.

Adult and child sex crimes are prosecuted differently. A sex crime that includes a minor typically involves more fines and jail time.

When are sex crimes regulated on the federal level? Title 18 of the U.S. Code reveals the federal laws that govern sex offenses.

Federal Sex Crimes

The most common federal sex crimes are:

• Child/minor sex crimes
• Aggravated Sexual Abuse (rape)
• Human Trafficking
• Sexual Abuse Contact Crimes
• Repeat Sex Offenders
• Sexual Abuse Resulting in Death
• Pornography Violations
• Failure to Register as a Sex Offender

Child/Minor Sex Crimes

As mentioned, a sex crime involving a minor is the most punishable type of sex crime. The following are classified as a sex crime against a minor:
Child pornography or nudity
• Transmission of child pornography or child nudity over the internet
• Sexual exploitation of a child
• Soliciting minors for sexual activities
• Selling/buying minors for sexual prostitution

Aggravated Sexual Abuse

Aggravated sexual abuse or rape is considered as unwanted force or threat to an individual to take part in sexual activities. Sexual activities with anyone that does not consent or is not capable of consenting are rape.
Engaging in sexual activities with minors or children under the age of 16 is aggravated sexual abuse.

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has been in the news a lot lately. Human trafficking is also referred to as sexual slavery. This sex crime involves:
• The buying and selling of an individual for the purposes of sex against their free will
• Psychologically enslaving a person to perform unwanted sexual activities
• Physically enslaving an individual for unwanted sexual activities

Sexual Abuse Contact Crimes

When an individual is touched sexually without consent, this is considered a sexual abuse contact crime. Specifically touching someone on their genitals, breast, inner thighs, or buttocks without permission is an abusive sexual contact crime.

Repeat Sex Offenders

Another federal sex crime is a repeat sex offender. If someone is previously convicted of a sex crime and then performs another sex crime they are referred to as a repeat sex offender. There are harsh punishments and long-term consequences for repeat sex offenders.

Sex Abuse Resulting in Death

Any type of sexual abuse that in return causes death is a federal sex crime.

Pornography Violations

Certain pornography violations are considered sex crimes. Participating in the mailing or selling of obscene sexual material across state lines or with foreign countries is considered a sex crime.

Failing to Register As a Sex Offender

The failure of a sex offender to register or update information on the sex offender registry is a crime. Fines and prison time can result if a sex offender does not register or update his/her information in the registry. A prison term from 10-30 years is possible from this offense.

Federal Sex Crime Punishment

There are mandatory minimum sentences for anyone that is convicted of a sex crime. Penalties that include fines are often used as additional punishment. If sex crimes result in death, there are some federal laws that require life in prison. A child/minor sex crime can have a minimum of 15 years of jail time and a maximum of 30 years.

The charges and punishment of a sex crime are dependent on the type of crime. Many sex crimes hold a prolonged prison term. After someone completes a prison sentence after a sex crime, they are required to register as a sex offender.

Sex Offender Rules & Regulations

In addition to registering with the National Sex Offender Registry, convicted sex offenders must all abide by strict rules and regulations. There are certain environments like schools and parks that sex offenders cannot visit. A sex offender is required to stay updated on the registry.