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Juvenile Crimes, Delinquency & Youthful Offender Proceedings: Probation

March 21, 2024 Uncategorized

Probation in Juvenile Delinquency Proceedings And Family Court

Probation for a juvenile is different than probation for an adult. A minor will have to appear in family court. They will also have to be interviewed by a probation officer. Both the minor and their attorney will have to be interviewed by the probation officer. The prosecutor will decide whether the child should be released into custody. After that, the judge can decide to order probation.

Probation in criminal Court

The purpose of probation is to keep the local communities safe by keeping the person monitored. Minors who have been charged with criminal offenses, such as assault or drug possession, are often put on probation. In most cases, minors are on probation for two to five years. However, they may be on probation for a longer period of time if they commit a serious crime.

A person who is on probation will be assigned to a probation officer. The officer will periodically check in with the person over the phone or in person. A minor may also be required to enroll in a certain program, such as drug addiction treatment or behavioral therapy.

If a person violates probation, then the probation officer will file a Violation of Petition against them. The judge will impose a sanction. In most cases, this will be the same judge that put the person on probation. However, the person is able to get a hearing if they do not believe that they violated the terms of their probation.

What Are Some of the Rules of Probation?

Not only does probation help keep everyone in the community safe, but it is also designed to help the minor. The goal is to help a person get their life on the right path and deter them from making bad decisions in the future. Additionally, probation is designed to hold a person accountable for their actions.

There are many rules that one will have to follow while they are on probation. A probation officer will likely visit a person’s home several times throughout the probation period. Most probation officers check in with people once a month. People who are on probation will have to follow all of the laws.

If a person has problems at home or work, then they will have to report to their probation officer as soon as possible. A probation officer will do everything that they can to help a person. For example, if they are having trouble at school, then the officer can arrange for one to get a tutor.

Minors who are on probation will have a curfew. The probation officer can determine a reasonable curfew. They may also make nighttime visits in order to ensure that a person is in their home by the designated time.

There may also be travel restrictions. Minors who want to leave the state will have to check in with their probation officer. They will also have to check in with the probation officer before they change their address or phone number.

Community service may be a term of your probation. One may have to volunteer for a non-profit organization. For example, one may be required to clean up the streets and parks. If a person does not complete the required number of community service hours, then they may have to go to court for violating the terms and conditions of their probation.

Furthermore, minors have to abstain from drugs and alcohol while they are on probation. They may also have to submit to random drug testing.

Why It Is A Good Idea to Hire an Attorney

Everybody makes mistakes. It is normal for people to make mistakes while they are young because they are still learning. That is why no one should have to spend the rest of their life paying for the mistakes that they made in their youth. If your child has been accused of any crime, then you will need to hire an attorney as soon as possible.

Qualified attorneys believe that one mistake should not have to define a child’s future. A good lawyer has your child’s best interests in mind. They will do everything that to protect your child’s rights and future.

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