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Ithaca Prenup Lawyers

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Ithaca Prenup Lawyers – Your Guide to Prenups

Congrats on your engagement! Along with all the fun wedding planning, it’s smart to think about getting a prenup in place too. Prenups aren’t the most romantic conversation, but they can save you from major money headaches if you and your partner ever split. Here’s what to know about prenups in Ithaca.

What is a Prenup Exactly?

A prenup is a legal agreement couples sign before getting married that lays out things like:

  • How assets and debts will be divided if you divorce
  • Who gets what property in a divorce
  • Spousal support for one spouse
  • What happens with inheritances or gifts

Basically it determines upfront how your finances and property will be divided if you split up down the road. Not the most fun thing to think about but it can give you peace of mind.

When Do You Need a Prenup?

Prenups often make sense when:

  • One spouse earns a lot more money
  • One person owns a business or major assets
  • You want to keep finances separate
  • You have kids from a previous relationship
  • You expect to inherit substantial assets

Any time there’s an imbalance in your financial situations, a prenup helps protect both spouses.

Benefits of Prenups

Some advantages of getting a prenup include:

  • Avoids fights about money if you divorce
  • Sets clear financial expectations
  • Allows you to keep property separate
  • Speeds up divorce by having terms decided
  • Allows you to support kids from prior marriage
  • Reduces anxiety about finances if marriage ends

Even if you don’t divorce, a prenup provides clarity and prevents money arguments.

What to Include in a Prenup

Some key things your prenup should cover:

  • Asset division – How you’ll split property and possessions
  • Debt division – Who is responsible for any debts you each have
  • Alimony – If one spouse will receive spousal support
  • Inheritances – If you’ll share gifts and inheritances
  • Separate property – What assets will remain separate
  • Life insurance – To provide for spouse if you pass away

Your attorney can help make sure all relevant financial matters are covered in your agreement.

Creating an Enforceable Prenup

To make your prenup hold up in court:

  • Disclose all assets, debts, income, expenses, etc.
  • Have your own lawyer to avoid conflict of interest
  • Negotiate reasonable terms – nothing outrageous
  • Sign at least 30 days before your wedding date
  • Attach schedules listing all assets and debts
  • Follow state laws for prenups

An experienced prenup attorney will ensure your agreement meets New York’s legal requirements.

Cost of Prenups

On average, prenups in Ithaca cost:

  • $1,000 – $2,500 for a basic agreement
  • $2,500 – $5,000 for a moderate prenup
  • $5,000 – $10,000+ for a complex prenup

The more assets involved, the higher the cost. But it’s a small price for the financial security a prenup provides.

Finding a Prenup Lawyer

Look for an Ithaca prenup attorney who:

  • Focuses on family and matrimonial law
  • Has extensive prenup experience
  • Is respected by legal peers
  • Communicates well and explains things clearly
  • You feel comfortable working with

Ask people you trust for recommendations to great prenup lawyers.

Alternatives to Prenups

If a prenup doesn’t work for you, some other options include:

  • Postnuptial agreement – Signed after marriage
  • Cohabitation agreement – For unmarried couples
  • Will – Dictates who inherits your assets if you die
  • Trust – Holds assets separately from marital property

Talk to an attorney to explore which option best suits your needs.

The Takeaway

While not the most romantic conversation, prenups provide important financial protection and peace of mind entering a marriage. Connect with an experienced Ithaca prenup lawyer to start the process.