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Is Your Company Under Investigation by BIS, CPB, DOS, or OFAC for Import/Export Violations

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Last Updated on: 13th August 2023, 04:10 am

Import/Export Control Violations: Protect Your Business with Spodek Law Group

If your company is under investigation for import/export violations by the Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), Customs and Border Protection (CPB), Department of State (DOS), or Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), it’s crucial to seek legal representation right away. These investigations can result in substantial penalties, including fines, debarment, and even imprisonment. At Spodek Law Group, we are a nationwide law firm that specializes in helping businesses navigate these complex situations.

All Import/Export Control Violations Are Taken Extremely Seriously by Federal Authorities

Federal agencies enforce strict regulations on domestic businesses that export items overseas or import products from foreign sources. The purpose is to protect the nation’s borders and regulate international trade. Companies that fail to meet their requirements face heavy penalties.

Due to the numerous rules and regulations involved in cross-border transactions, companies of all sizes across industries often find themselves facing allegations of federal import/export control violations. While most violations are unintentional, they still require a full defense as federal authorities investigate them thoroughly without taking chances.

Companies Nationwide Trust Our Federal Defense Attorneys to Handle Import/Export Investigations

At Spodek Law Group, our team includes former federal agents who bring extensive knowledge and insights into each case we handle. We have centuries of combined experience representing clients in OFAC, DOS, BIS CPB investigations across the country because:

1) Our Team – We’re not just attorneys; our team includes former Supervisory Special Agents and Special Agents in Charge from various agencies.
2) Our Focus – We specialize solely on federal matters with vast experience handling complex cases.
3) Our Compliance Expertise – We help clients avoid unnecessary repercussions due to any committed violations while ensuring policies are implemented for future prevention.
4) Our Record – The majority of our clients’ cases were resolved without charges being filed against them, allowing them to refocus on their day-to-day corporate responsibilities.
5) Our Defense Strategies – We employ various defense strategies in import/export investigations involving CPB, DOS, BIS, and OFAC. These include internal assessments, prompt intervention, identifying exceptions and safe harbors as well as asserting other regulatory and statutory defenses.

Import/Export Control Violation Sanctions in the United States

Businesses or individuals targeted by law enforcement agencies for violating import/export control regulations could face a range of potential sanctions depending on factors such as the scope and severity of allegations. The penalties can be administrative, civil or criminal with specific fines ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Alleged violations can range from failing to obtain licenses from DOS, CPB or OFAC to trading with enemies and supporting state-sponsored terrorism.

Sanctions that companies may face include loss of registration or debarment where they are barred from participating (directly or indirectly) in any business activities under ITAR. Exporters may also lose their registration with DDTC while facing criminal/civil fines that run into millions of dollars. Company owners/executives/board members charged with criminal import/export violations might end up serving long-term federal incarceration sentences.

Choose Spodek Law Group for Experienced Federal Defense Representation

At Spodek Law Group we bring years of experience representing clients across industries who have faced allegations related to federal import/export control violations before various agencies including OFAC,DOS,BIS,and CPB.We work tirelessly to protect your interests while helping you achieve favorable outcomes.Contact us today for a consultation!

Is your company being investigated for import or export violations? Several federal agencies conduct investigations regarding noncompliance with federal regulations. They include the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Bureau of Industry and Security, the US Department of State, and the Customs and Border Protection agency. If these agencies bring penalties against you, you may be subject to significant fines, the dismantling of your business, and even prison time in criminal investigations. Because the stakes are so high, it’s vital that you talk to a lawyer if your company is being investigated for compliance violations regarding exports and imports.

The federal government regulates both businesses that ship products overseas and businesses that import products through foreign companies. Multiple agencies are responsible for enforcing the import and export rules. Not only is this a matter of good business, but it’s also a matter of national security. These agencies help to regulate international goods as well, ensuring that potentially dangerous or counterfeit products don’t end up on US soil. Compliance regulations for both importing and exporting can be very complicated, and companies that don’t meet the standards are subject to hefty penalties.

Are any federal US agencies investigating your company’s export or import operations? If this is true, you should meet with an attorney who specializes in customs regulations. It’s also important to talk to legal counsel prior to engaging in international trade. Lawyers can help you understand your compliance needs and create company policies to comply with federal regulations.

Import and export violations are very serious breaches of government regulation. They are considered seriously by federal agents because of their potential to risk national security and potentially put people in danger.

There are many, many rules regarding different international transactions. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, there’s a good chance you may find yourself accused of noncompliance with federal regulations. These allegations can often be solved by explaining the situation and making an effort to prevent the issue from happening again. Lawyers can help with this, again, by drafting compliance measures for your business.

The fact of the matter is that most violations are not done intentionally. Many business owners simply aren’t aware of certain regulations. That goes both for new business owners and for older businesspeople who have recently begun trading with a new company or new country. You might not realize that there are different regulations for the products you’re bringing in.

This still won’t serve as an excuse. You may be subject to penalties regardless. But unintentional mistakes aren’t prosecuted with the same fervor as intentional noncompliance. It’s also important to note that the majority of violations are in regards to harmless items that won’t pose a threat to national security.

But sometimes there are threats to national security, or there are threats of terrorism within the US. Federal officials can’t be cautious with these. Even if the officials know that the violation is likely unintentional, they must investigate as fully as possible to make sure that there is no threat. Business owners must protect themselves against the scrutiny by using a legal team. They need to be able to convince the federal government that there should not be charges brought or administrative action taken.

With a law firm that focuses on federal matters, you can ensure that your attorney understands how to work within federal regulations. It also helps to have an attorney with experience dealing with multiple different law enforcement agencies. Many law firms only operate at the state level, so looking for a federal lawyer is paramount.

In addition to getting a lawyer focused on federal defense, it’s important to get a lawyer with a background in compliance. Your lawyer’s job isn’t done when they help you through the federal investigation. They then need to help you ensure that the same thing doesn’t happen again. Only an attorney with a thorough understanding of compliance regulations can help you draft the procedures you need moving forward.

An attorney can help resolve the majority of federal investigations without bringing charges. This reduces the amount of harm that your company suffers due to the investigation. Finally, an attorney can defend you in the event that charges are brought.