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Internet Crime Attorneys

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Last Updated on: 6th August 2023, 02:19 am

Why You Need a Cybercrime Defense Attorney

In today’s world, having a digital presence is essential for businesses and individuals. However, with the exchange and storage of highly sensitive information online comes an increase in cyber and internet crimes. Governments have intensified their investigations and enforcement to fight against these crimes. The internet is largely unregulated, making it easy to find yourself in the middle of an internet crime investigation. If you are facing such charges, the best response is to hire a cybercrime defense attorney.

Forms of Internet Crimes

There are several types of cybercrimes that are considered illegal. These include:

Internet Fraud

When someone deceitfully gets another person to give up something (usually money) that they would not have otherwise relinquished, this is considered fraud. If this act happens online, it is termed as internet fraud. Common forms of cybercrime fraud include merchandise fraud, phishing scams, advance fee frauds, lottery scams and work-at-home scams.

Cyber Stalking

Cyber stalking refers to making threats or harassing someone such that they fear for their safety. When this happens in the online space, it is termed as cyberstalking. This can be done via emails or other online media platforms.

Identity Theft

Identity theft involves acquiring personal data for unlawful use by individuals or website owners operating on the web. Businesses operating online are required to have a confidentiality clause stating that they will not share personal data with outside sources.


Contrary to common belief, hacking does not require genius-level intelligence; according to law accessing classified data without authorization constitutes hacking which means almost anyone who can use a computer can be charged with hacking if found guilty . Cases like copying content may appear minor but should never be taken lightly since one stands at risk of facing jail time and hefty fines when convicted.

Defenses Against Cybercrime Violations

Several acts constitute cybercrimes; thus one could easily find themselves facing charges even when innocent. Even in cases where one is convinced of their innocence, it’s essential to consult with a cybercrime attorney since they can easily be framed for internet crimes. Several defenses are applicable in cybercrime violations.


Organizations have clearance levels for their employees; if accused of illegal access and authorized, then this cannot hold up in court.

Lack of Knowledge

Cybercrime convictions require full knowledge and intent to commit a crime. The prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendant intended to commit fraud. For instance, if you act on data that you did not know was fake, then the charges can be dropped.


There are instances when one can be coerced into committing a cybercrime with threats on their life or that of loved ones; often happens when classified data is being accessed. If an actual or perceived reasonable threat exists, then arguing based on coercion could work out well but only if the threat is justifiable enough.

A Cybercrime Charge Should Not Be Taken Lightly

The list regarding internet crimes keeps growing increasing exposure risk while numerous laws govern such cases making them even more complicated. Cybercrime investigations can also be lengthy and strenuous leading to stressful and emotionally draining legal processes which makes it ill-advised going alone without proper representation by hiring a lawyer fighting for your rights . A conviction means loss of job possible incarceration hefty fines negative impact reputation image especially at work hence need best legal defense team as company will hire best lawyers so should you too