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Immigration Criminal Lawyers

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Last Updated on: 3rd August 2023, 09:08 pm

Being convicted for certain criminal offenses can put you at risk of deportation. Many people, even those living in the US legally, have faced this reality. Some are held in the immigration detention for an extended period before binge deported back to their mother countries.

If you are not a US citizen, and you have been accused of a federal or state crime, chances of facing a jail term or paying fines are high. Sometimes you can be deported to your country. Here at Spodek Law Group, we understand that your case is unique and we know it is our responsibility to ensure we work with you to get you the essential help you require as you work through your case. We have a team of immigration criminal lawyers specializing in immigration and deportation issues. To avoid detention indefinitely from the United States (you won’t be able to return to the US under any circumstance), consider working with professionals like us. We work effortlessly to offer specialized services to ensure this does not occur.

Currently, we specialize in representing immigrants/non-citizens in the following circumstances:

Before a criminal conviction
In getting post-conviction relief to clear an immigrant’s criminal record to minimize or avoid adverse immigration consequences
In actual removal or deportation proceedings

criminal deportation or the refusal of traveling abroad can result when these issues come into play:

One is convicted of two moral turpitude crimes at any time
One leaves the US for over one year
One is convicted of a moral turpitude crime within 5 years after entering the US
One is convicted of an aggravated felony including other felonies that don’t seem aggravated like tax evasion

You can also fail to get re-entry to the US due to the penalties that may have been set forth for the nation, including the crime you have committed.

Some reasons for deportation include drug offenses, aggravated felonies, unauthorized stay, unauthorized entry attempt, unauthorized unemployment, terrorism/security-related crimes, fraud & other related white collar crimes and overstaying the limits of a student or visitor visa. Although anything can arise, the difficulties can become excessive, a common reason most people choose to leave. However, if you want to stay and fight for your rights within this country, our immigration and deportation attorneys can assist you.

Experienced Immigration Lawyer

At Spodek Law Group offices, our attorneys offer a wide range of immigration services that assist people gain legal help and continue staying in the United States. In case you are seeking a US citizenship or you have been accused of a crime, you require all the protection you can get. The results of your criminal case can have a significant effect on your legal status and determine whether you get deported or not. This is why it’s essential to get legal advice from a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer for your criminal charges and an immigration lawyer for your immigration problems.

Crime can affect your immigration status

Do not allow the crime you have committed have a huge impact on your immigration status. This is because being charged with any type of crime, from theft to drug possession, can affect the status of immigration and lead to deportation. Our aim is to ensure your immigration status is protected and assist people avoid deportation. We help customers with bond hearings, assisting them to be released out of jail. Our lawyers can represent you in your deportation hearing and assist you to get a waiver to stay in the United States.

Our professionals work closely with your criminal defense attorneys to advise them on how to handle your criminal case. All the facts involved in your case are evaluated thoroughly to create effective strategies in the criminal court, from getting the charges reduced to plea negotiations. We can address your immigration problems and still provide a defense attorney to handle your criminal charges.

Speak with Spodek Law Group in New York to know what we can do for you regarding your immigration criminal case. Even if you know you are innocent, getting a strong legal representation is a suitable way to get the relief you desire.

Immigration is a complicated issue. It’s also become one that is highly contentious. Over the last decades, there have been many changes to the nation’s immigration laws. In the process, many people are not entirely sure of the kind of laws that may govern their individual circumstances. This is true for employers as well. An employer may not be up on the latest ruling. They may accidentally engage in immigration fraud. Someone may have hired someone who is not eligible to work in this country. It’s really important for each person who is facing potential immigration fraud charges to be aware of what such charges involve. There may be minor penalties such as fines. The employee or private individual who engages in such fraud may be facing additional penalties. For example, someone who is here on a visa may have overstayed the visa. In that case, they could be facing deportation to their home nations. They may also be confronting possible confiscation of the goods they have acquired while living and working here illegally. A good immigration lawyer is someone who can help sort out these issues.

Possible Penalties

Many possible penalties exist for those who choose to knowingly break American immigration laws. Such penalties may also apply to those who break them but are not aware they have done so. For example, the employer may assume that the identification they are given is accurate but it later turns out it was fraudulent. An employee may state they are here legally to the employee verbally but this is not true. An immigration fraud lawyer can help by indicating what the employee and the employee can expect when confronting officials with this matter. They may point out that certain penalties may not be applied. For example, if the employer has acted in good faith, this can be a mitigating factor in any possible prosecution. An employee may have also acted in good faith and merely made a minor mistake. The lawyer can help both sides. They can offer each person the counsel they need to figure out what’s going to happen as any case heads to the court system.

Changing Laws

Laws governing immigration are federal in nature. At the same time, there are local laws that may impact the federal process. This is very much true in New York City. City officials have indicated their opposition to laws they feel are too harsh. This may lead to local officials refusing to let federal officials know about a specific violation. Local officials may also choose to avoid enforcing certain laws or notifying they have a certain person in custody even if that person may be eligible for deportation. This can be used to great advantage. A lawyer can help negotiate with local law enforcement officials in order to make sure that they doing their best for their clients and helping that client avoid any unwanted legal consequences. Lawyers who specialize in this form of law are also typically on top of the local laws in New York City and understand how to work with a local judge and other regional New York City law enforcement officials directly.

Mustering Publicity

In addition to providing legal counsel, a lawyer may also suggest a campaign to alert local elected officials about a given case. Many local legislators do not agree with national immigration laws. They may be willing to provide a personal bill in the legislature that is designed solely to provide legal redress for a given client. A personal bill of this type can help any client avoid potential consequences such as a fine or even jail time and then deportation. The lawyer can also help create a strategy that appeals to local community members and gets them interested in their case. It helps to find a lawyer who knows exactly how to craft a specific message for the needs of any given client. A lawyer with previous experience is a must as the case goes forward. In many instances, it is possible to lean on immigration officials and negotiate individually favorable conditions for each client. Proper legal representation can help anyone overcome any issues related to any kind of immigration fraud allegations.