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How Homeland Security Investigates Trafficking of Fakes

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Last Updated on: 16th December 2023, 11:24 am

How Homeland Security Investigates Trafficking of Fakes

Homeland Security agencies like Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) work to combat trafficking of counterfeit goods. Between 2017-2018, CBP and HSI seized over $31 million in fake perfumes from China 1.

In November 2022, HSI and NYPD announced seizure of $1.03 billion worth of counterfeit luxury bags, clothes, shoes etc. Two people were charged with trafficking counterfeits. This was the largest ever seizure of counterfeit goods 2.

In August 2021, four defendants were arrested in a multimillion-dollar counterfeit trafficking scheme. HSI and NYPD were involved in the investigation 3.

Buying counterfeits can fund criminal activities like forced labor or human trafficking. It also leads to loss of legitimate company profits and US jobs. Counterfeits are often unsafe and made with poor quality materials that could cause injuries 4.

In March 2018, FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations worked with HSI to indict four people for trafficking in counterfeit pharmaceuticals 5.

So in summary, Homeland Security agencies combat counterfeit trafficking through investigations, seizures, arrests, and working jointly with other law enforcement. They aim to curb this activity which funds organized crime and harms public health and safety.