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Grand Larceny Sentencing Guidelines

December 17, 2020

In the eyes of the law, Grand Larceny is the unlawful act of obtaining or taking property without the consent of the owner. Permanent deprivation of the owner from the property is also a big part of this illegal act. Grand Larceny can be primarily categorized as theft. If you are ever charged with this particular offence or other forms of theft, it’s essential that you hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer to defend you.


At Raiser & Kenniff, PC, we have a capable legal team that has a lot of experience in handling this type of cases. This team is made up of lawyers who have honed their skills by handling some of the toughest criminal cases in New York with amazing results. This legal firm puts great emphasis on helping their clients get the best outcomes in their cases. Part of this process is making sure that you as their client is well informed about the charges you are facing. This firm stands out for its unique approach of offering free consultation services to those interested in getting their services. Here are Grand Larceny guidelines that will be quite helpful if you get to know them courtesy of this New York-based law firm.


Fourth Degree Grand Larceny


An “E” felony or a Grand Larceny in the Fourth Degree is punishable, and there is no set minimum term or length of prison time. However, there is a maximum term or length of prison time set. This is between one and a third years in a state prison and four years. If you are a predicate felon – you have been convicted of another felony with the last ten years – then you face a mandatory minimum term in a state prison of between one and a half years and three years. The maximum sentencing, if you are a convicted predicate felon, is a stay in the state prison for two to four years.


Third Degree Grand Larceny


Third Degree Grand Larceny is a “D” felony and is punishable by between two years and seven years serving time in a state prison. If you are a non-predicate felon or a first-time offender with this “D” felony, there is no set mandatory minimum sentencing, and therefore with a good defense lawyer, you might not go to prison depending on the circumstances of your crime. However, you are a predicate felon; you will be facing a maximum prison time of between three and a half years and seven years serving time in a state prison.


Second Degree Grand Larceny


Second Degree Grand Larceny is a “C” felony. This felony is punishable by either up to five years in a state prison or fifteen years. Non-predicate felons and first-time offenders charged with this offense have no minimum mandatory sentencing but face a maximum of seven years in a state prison. If you are a repeat offender or a predicate felon you can be sentenced to not more than15 years in prison. If you are lucky and armed with a good criminal defense lawyer, you can land year in a city or local jail and alongside probation as a first time or non-predicate felon.


First Degree Grand Larceny


This is a “B” felony and is the most severe larceny that you can be charged with. In the First-Degree Grand Larceny, it does not matter if you are a non-predicate felon or first-time offender. If you are convicted of this charge, you can be sure that you will be facing a mandatory minimum sentencing that involves you spending time at the federal state prison. You are likely to be incarcerated for a minimum of one year to three years in a federal state prison if you are a first time offender or a non-predicative felon. However, you will be facing a maximum sentencing in a federal state prison of between eight and a third years and twenty-five years. If you are a predicate felon, things get a little tougher here. You are likely to be incarcerated in a federal state prison for a minimum of four and a half years to nine years. You will also be facing a maximum sentencing on between twelve and a half years and twenty-five years.

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