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Defending Government Drug Charges with Spodek Law Group: Why You Need a Government Drug Attorney

Drug offenses are taken very seriously by law enforcement, and those accused of such crimes need the best defense possible. Unfortunately, there has been an increase in government drug charges due to the rise in the number of drug-related arrests. According to the FBI, 1.6 million individuals were captured for drug crimes in 2017 alone, and many of these were government drug cases.

It is essential to understand that there are laws governing controlled substances at both state and federal levels. A defendant can violate both state and federal laws in some cases. While state laws apply to cases within the state’s restricted geographical area, federal charges apply to activities that cross state lines or occur on federal grounds or involve dealing significant amounts of controlled substances.

Anyone arrested for any drug offense has a chance of being accused of a felony; hence it is crucial to seek the services of an experienced government drug defense attorney like Todd Spodek from Spodek Law Group who can protect your rights and ensure you receive the best possible defense.

When Does a Drug Offense Become a Federal Charge?

Government drug charges are usually more serious than state charges and result from offenses deemed more severe or when offenders have extensive criminal histories. For instance, simple possession of small amounts of drugs is typically kept at the state level while offenses such as manufacturing or intent to distribute drugs are more likely charged as federal cases.

The involvement of significant profits or large criminal networks also makes it easier for prosecutors to file federal charges against defendants involved in such activities investigated through wiretaps by law enforcement agencies like DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). If any governance system is involved in any way during investigations into illegal activities related to drugs – whether directly or indirectly – then expect nothing less than facing harsher penalties under US Federal Laws!

Differences Between State And Federal Drug Charges

State offenses for first-time offenders are typically less serious and carry lighter penalties than federal drug crimes. With a variety of federal mandates that impose mandatory minimum prison sentences, someone convicted of a federal drug offense may face significant time in the Bureau of Prisons.

A defendant with two or more qualifying prior convictions for serious drug offenses or violent crimes may qualify for career criminal sanctions and face enhanced penalties. Federal courts limit appeals if a defendant agrees to a plea deal, while parole is non-existent under US Federal Laws.

Types Of Government Drug Charges

Government drug charges can also lead to other charges that may not seem directly related. For example, drug distribution charges can result in money laundering charges, tax evasion charges, or Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) violations resulting in additional prison time.

At Spodek Law Group, we have experience with all types of government drug charges ranging from bath salts to cocaine possession; dark web conspiracies involving drugs like fentanyl; heroin possession; hydrocodone; marijuana possession; methamphetamine possession – you name it! We will work tirelessly to develop strong defenses tailored specifically towards your case’s unique circumstances so that you receive the best possible outcome when facing these severe allegations.

Defending Government Drug Charges with Spodek Law Group: Pretrial Release Or Detention

In federal courtrooms across America today, judges examine defendants’ danger levels concerning their risk of flight if released on bail before trial proceedings begin. Bond hearings in federal courts differ significantly from those held at state-level courthouses due to stricter regulations governing pretrial release conditions under US Federal Laws.

Our representation strategy begins by making an immediate effort to get our clients released on bail as soon as possible because access to clients and their ability to assist their defense is much better when they are out on bail awaiting trial proceedings rather than being detained behind bars without any contact whatsoever!

Plea Bargain Vs Trial For Government Drug Charges

Most federal drug offenders plead guilty to a reduced charge or lower suggested sentence than would result from a trial. However, we do not adopt a plea strategy unless our client wants to. If the government offers a plea bargain, we will inform our client of it along with all legal implications and sentencing consequences.

Your lawyer cannot and should not force you to plead guilty; that decision is entirely yours. Our job is to advise our clients on their options so they can make informed decisions about how best to proceed in their case(s). We will not allow any client who is innocent of alleged federal drug offenses(s) to plead guilty under any circumstances!


If you are facing government drug charges, it is essential to have the best defense possible. At Spodek Law Group, we have the experience and knowledge necessary for handling even the most complex drug cases effectively.

Contact us today if you need help defending yourself against these severe allegations by scheduling an appointment with Attorney Todd Spodek – one of America’s top-rated criminal defense attorneys specializing in government drug charges!