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Manhattan Gay & LGBT Family Law Attorneys

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Last Updated on: 2nd October 2023, 06:50 pm

Huge changes and shifts have come across New York and the United States when it comes to rights within the LGBT community. Across the nation, LGBT people have won the right to marry, and New York is no exception to this. One of the developing subfields for this has been a same-sex marital relation, which is a new field of law. Perhaps you have decided to divorce, and if so, you should seek a qualified LGBT family law attorney. Spodek Law Group is one such law firm that has a deep understanding of the laws surrounding this field.

Experienced Attorneys Working in This Field

Because it’s such a new field, you should hire a qualified LGBT lawyer who understands how to represent these clients. The reality is how a growing number of lawyers throughout New York City have had to offer an increased level of legal services for same-sex couples who are married. Anyone who faces family law issues could benefit from this. If you’d like to look into LGBT family law concerns, you should schedule your first consultation and discuss the case with an attorney. Through the appointment, you can learn how responsive a family law lawyer can be to the needs of the client. This type of lawyer can especially be useful when you have a domestic matter related to law.

Professional Enrichment Programs

Because of how this has turned into a growing field, plenty of professional enrichment programs have been offered for the attorney who want to provide representation for the LGBT community. Spodek Law Group is one of them, and you also have specialized organizations that want to provide these legal services to members who are LGBT.

Child Custody with LGBT Couples That Divorce

For the most part, the same standard has been applied to those of opposite-sex divorce cases. When child custody comes up, it could be considered the same thing. The judge or attorneys will determine the child custody for the same-sex couple. Even with LGBT divorces, the divorce will always be made with the best interests of the child at heart. When a court approaches same-sex divorces, they have no preconceived ideas on the custodial placement of the child. Instead, the court will use a number of factors to apply them to some of the more specific elements of the case.

What Gets Taken into Consideration?

Some of the factors that get considered will include the examination of which parent has traditionally provided the most support for the kid. Some of the other factors include:

  • Mental health
  • Overall physical health
  • Emotional health

The Problem with Discrimination

Even despite the progress and rights that have been won through hard-fought battles, the acceptance of the LGBT community still remains a hot topic. Some of the discrimination from before still remains. It highlights the reality of how you must have a qualified attorney who can represent you in the court of law. This can help you to avoid being discriminated against. Attorneys who have a background in this will be sensitive to the issue and understand how to get around it.

The Issues with LGBT Marriages

One of the biggest problems that still remains is for same-sex couples being allowed to wed to begin with. In fact, the media has continued to report cases where people are being distracted in their best attempts to marry. This is yet another area where a family law lawyer can provide some much-needed legal assistance. These attorneys will put up a real fight for the LGBT couple, and he will assert their constitutional rights to wed.

When seeking an attorney in Manhattan, one of the first things that you should do is to seek out a consultation. You need someone who regularly works with this community, and they understand some of the biggest issues it has. With an attorney, you will receive an assessment of the case to determine how to best proceed. The potential client will have the opportunity to ask questions during the consultation to figure out how to meet their needs. Feel free to ask specific questions to your attorney because this will help your case in the future.