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Federal White Collar Crime Lawyer

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A white collar crime is a type of crime that is committed for the purpose of financial gain. White collar crimes are non-violent crimes. Anyone can commit a white collar crime. However, they are most often committed by government employees and professionals who have access to sensitive data.

Even though white collar crimes are non-violent, the authorities still take these crimes seriously. You could be forced to pay hefty fines if you are charged with a white collar crime. You may also be sentenced to prison time.

Federal Investigations

There are several agencies that can investigate a federal white collar crime. This includes the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration. The type of offense will determine who investigates the crime. These agencies have access to more resources than local and state agencies.

That is why they will be able to carry out a more intricate investigation. They may investigate a crime for a long time before they decide to bring charges. The investigators have to be able to present evidence in court.

The agents may contact you to question you. They may also serve you a subpoena. You are not required to answer any of the questions. In fact, it is a good idea for you to avoid answering any questions without having any attorney present. The information that you provide may be used in order to incriminate you. The attorney will tell you about the rights that you have during the investigation.

The Importance of Consultig With a White Collar Crime Lawyer

There are several things that can be classified as white collar crimes. The best thing that you can do if you are facing a white collar crime is to consult with an attorney. Our attorneys are qualified to help with the following crimes.

It is never too late for you to hire an attorney as long as the investigation is still open. You have legal rights that your attorney will fight hard to protect. They will help you gather all of the evidence that you need in order to support your case. Authorities are not obligated to let you know about your rights.

There are several mistakes that investigators can make during this process. If they make a mistake, then your charges can potentially be dropped. Your attorney will be able to identify the mistakes that the investigator makes.

Talk to a Federal White Collar Crime Attorney

There are several consequences that can result if you are charged with a federal white collar crime. This includes things such as probation, fines, jail time and restitution. The best thing that you can do is hire legal counsel as soon as possible. The attorneys work hard to defend the rights of people who have been accused of a federal white collar crime. They also have a team of criminal defense investigators, federal prosecutors and federal defenders.

What Can a Federal White Collar Crime Lawyer Do to Help You?

You may be thinking “How can a white collar crime attorney help me?” There are several things that an attorney can do in order to help you.

Your future is on the line if you are facing a federal white collar crime charge. The attorney will fight hard to protect your future.