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Federal Prison: How Criminal Lawyers Help Clients Prepare

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Federal Prison: How Criminal Lawyers Help Clients Prepare

Going to federal prison can be an incredibly scary experience. As a criminal defense lawyer, I see it as part of my job to help clients not just win their case, but also prepare for the possibility of incarceration. Here’s some of the ways we support clients before, during, and after prison.

Before Prison

If it looks like prison may be likely, here’s some things we do to get ready:

  • Help clients understand what to expect – we educate them about daily life, prison culture, and how to stay safe
  • Advise on getting affairs in order – help getting paperwork like powers of attorney done
  • Discuss health concerns – work to address any medical issues beforehand
  • Provide referrals – connect clients with resources like therapists or support groups
  • Designate commissary account – set up account for clients to purchase items in prison
  • Recommend reading materials – books to help prepare mentally and emotionally

The goal is to alleviate anxiety by making clients as informed and ready as possible. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say!

During Incarceration

We stay engaged with clients throughout their sentence. This includes:

  • Regular communication – phone calls, emails, visits to keep spirits up
  • Ongoing legal help – assisting with appeals, sentence reductions, furloughs
  • Care package coordination – working with family to send approved items
  • Medical advocacy – ensuring clients get proper treatment
  • Support for family – helping loved ones cope with their incarceration

By maintaining close contact, we try to make prison more bearable and resolve issues as they arise.

Preparing for Release

As their release date approaches, we shift focus to their transition back to normal life:

  • Arrange transportation from prison
  • Help line up housing, employment, healthcare
  • Provide guidance on parole, probation, and re-entry programs
  • Discuss finances – setting budgets, managing debts
  • Offer referrals for counseling, addiction treatment, etc.
  • Advise on restoring civil rights like voting eligibility

Our goal is to set clients up for success on the outside and avoid future legal troubles. With support and preparation, many former prisoners go on to live productive, law-abiding lives.

Having an advocate before, during, and after incarceration can make an enormous difference. As criminal defense attorneys, we see it as our duty to guide clients through the entire legal journey – not just up to sentencing. This holistic approach aims to achieve the best possible outcome under difficult circumstances.


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