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FINRA Investigations Defense Lawyer

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The Financial World and Regulation

The fiscal world is one that requires people to operate within certain parameters at all times. Financial companies must adhere to the highest possible ethical standards. Officials who run such companies must be aware of the implications of their actions on their clients as well as those they deal with directly. New Yorkers are well versed in the many financial laws that govern this industry. Manhattan is home to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The NYSE is one of the world’s important fiscal centers. Each day, literally hundreds of millions of dollars pass through this institution. Consequently, it is very heavily watched. Watchdog organizations aim to keep all transactions aboveboard and transparent. Organizations such as FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) aim to make sure that all investors can trust the companies that operate on Wall Street. They also aim to make sure that each employee always operates in accordance with the laws that govern their industry. While this organization has many uses, even the hint that it is investigating any company or person may have huge repercussions for the employee and for the company. An investigation of any kind is cause for concern.

Responding to Allegations

Allegations by FINRA can take many forms. The organization may level a few accusations in regards to relatively minor violations. They may also make more serious allegations that can carry all sorts of penalties. Any kind of allegation must be taken seriously. The public will know what is being said by the organization. It’s up to the company to do all they can to refute such accusations in every possible way.

Defense against these charges can take many varied forms. A defense lawyer or team of lawyers can help anyone decide on the best way to respond well to these issues. When they are able to respond quickly, this will help lessen the ultimate impact on the company and on their bottom line.

Each company official should be aware of the exact allegations that are being aimed at them. They should also be aware of the kind of response that may be in the public mind. The public may respond with great skepticism or with the belief that such allegations are actually true. It’s a good idea to begin a campaign in response as soon as possible. Doing so can help change the public perception and may also influence any penalties company officials and their employees may ultimately face.

The Best Defense

The best defense will vary according to multiple factors. If there are minor problems that FINRA has spotted, in many cases pleading guilty and paying any fines immediately can be the best course of action. This enables company officials to move on and begin to repair their reputation in the public mind. Effective counsel can help provide useful assistance in determining how best to move forward after an admission of minor wrongdoing.

Payment of a fine along with an admission of less than ideal behavior can help mute public reaction and make company officials look properly repentant. There are also other courses of action available to company officials. These potential decisions may be influenced by factors that include a prior history of convictions even if such actions are relatively minor and very little harm was done.

More Serious Allegations

While many allegations made by FINRA are not particularly consequential and have little meaning beyond the payment of a small fine, in other instance the allegations may be far more serious. In that case, it is even more important to respond to such allegations with a truly proper defense.

Effective defense means that all company officials are capable of responding to such allegations. All company officials must understand the implications of such allegations. Possible consequences may include not only fines but potential time in jail. This is why each person must be aware of the kind of impact the charges by FINRA may have on their personal and professional life.

A professional may be facing problems that include the possibility of the loss of their legal licensing from the state securities agency to work with securities. A good FINRA investigations defense lawyer can walk everyone in the firm through such issues and help them come to a rational response.

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Investigations

Every investor and broker in America usually does their best to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the industry and United States law. Sometimes, though, things don’t go as planned and it’s in these cases that there can be serious legal repercussions.

A FINRA investigation is one of the most dreaded of all repercussions. What starts out as an informal inquiry and investigation can quickly become a full-scale formal investigation that ends an investor’s career. It’s the job of our law office to make sure that this isn’t the end of YOUR career as an investor or broker. You’ve done your job to the best of your ability, but it’s at this point that you need to let a lawyer step in and do their job. And that is to protect you from FINRA investigations.

How FINRA Functions and Why

Our financial system is fragile. Investors and brokers who don’t play by the rules do an enormous amount of harm to individuals and financial firms, so it’s the job of FINRA, the largest independent regulatory body in the United States, to make sure that everyone involved in securities plays by the rules. When this happen, investors and the people who trust them feel safer.

FINRA doesn’t always get it right, though. There have been times when investors and brokers have been unfairly accused of breaking the rules and in turn find themselves on the wrong end of the law. If you get an inquiry about rule 8210, it’s time to contact a lawyer, and there’s no other way to put it. While an informal investigation won’t immediately result in criminal charges or you losing your entire career, if you don’t respond to the accusations and clear your name, it’s possible to eventually find yourself unable to work as an investor or broker. Sometimes you can even face prison time (later on down the road when criminal lawyers become involved).

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Spodek Law is a law firm that wants to defend its clients against unfair accusations made by FINRA, and trust us, unfair accusations happen more often than you think. Unfortunately many people simply ignore their inquiry or wait while things grow worse. The longer you wait to respond, the worse it looks on you. What you need to do today is give us a call and set up a free consultation to discuss your case. Many investors have a lot of sleepless nights and worry endlessly about a FINRA letter when instead they should be sitting in our law office discussing what led to the accusation and how we can go about resolving anything that FINRA misunderstands about your conduct. So don’t wait another minute. Please realize that the informal investigation stage is the best time to clear your name. There’s still time to respond and take care of things before they escalate. If you’ve received an inquiry from FINRA, call us today. We will fight for you aggressively and protect your reputation, freedom, and career.