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Federal Embezzlement Charges

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White collar and financial crimes are extremely serious and have gone through a lot more scrutiny over the past decade. Out of prior concerns that those charged with these crimes have been given light sentences, it is now far more likely that a guilty party will be hit with serious penalties that can include fines, loss of professional certifications, and even imprisonment. One very serious white collar financial crime is federal embezzlement.

Definition of Embezzlement?
Being charged with federal embezzlement charges is very serious. The crime of embezzlement is essentially when you wrongfully take something of value from another party when these belongings or money have previously been in your care. The main difference between embezzlement and theft is that you were legally permitted to hold or care for these assets before you took them without the approval of the other relevant party

Examples of Embezzlement
Overall, embezzlement is a generally broad term that could encompass a wide range of situations. At one end of the spectrum, embezzlement could include taking office supplies from your work and bringing them home. This can also include never returning an item that someone lent to you in good faith.

While those are legally examples of embezzlement, those that are guilty of those situations will likely not be charged with federal embezzlement charges. Those that are charged with federal embezzlement charges are normally guilty of much more serious examples of embezzlement. One very serious example of embezzlement is if you have been entrusted with managing money for a client but ended up stealing or using it for unapproved purposes. Many Ponzi schemes tend to fit under the bucket and could result in federal embezzlement charges. If any of the activity in a scheme took place over state lines, you could be charged at the federal level.

Other Similar Charges
If you are charged with federal embezzlement charges, there are other charges that you could face as well. In some situations, federal embezzlement charges will also be coupled with theft or grand larceny charges. If you at some point accepted payment through a wire, bank check, or the mail, you could also be charged with wire, bank, or mail fraud. Each of these can also be considered a felony at the federal level.

Potential Penalties
If you are charged with federal embezzlement charges, you could be facing some very significant penalties that should be avoided at all costs. Since this is a serious felony, you could end up facing a decade or more of jail time based on the scope of the crime and whether there are any associated charges that go along with it.

Common Defenses
If you have been charged with federal embezzlement charges, there are a number of ways that you can go about defending the charges. One common way to fight these charges is to say that you acted in good faith and made fair judgment. If you happen to have invested money for another party and lost the investment, but did not steal, frustration from your client could lead to an investigation. However, if you did not actually steal and acted in good faith, the charged should be dropped.

Another way to fight federal embezzlement charges is to say that you have been wrongly accused. It is possible that embezzlement did take place, but you did not necessarily know about it. Since you will have to have knowingly committed this crime in order to be charged, you may be able to get the charges dropped in these situations.

If you have been charged with federal embezzlement charges, it is very important that you hire legal representation as soon as possible. A criminal defense attorney that is experienced in defending federal embezzlement charges will know the right way about preparing a defense case. They will also be able to provide you with all of your legal negations to try and negotiate a lesser plea, which will likely come with a much lower risk of receiving a challenging sentence.

Federal Embezzlement Defense Attorney

Embezzlement is a severe offense that can lead to charges in either state or federal court, depending on the circumstances surrounding the case. The penalties for a conviction of theft can vary, depending on the severity of the charges and the jurisdiction in which you are charged.

State and Federal Embezzlement Charges

In Florida, embezzlement charges can range from first, second, or third-degree felony to a misdemeanor based on the value or type of property taken. However, if electronic means like phone, internet, fax or bank wire were used to commit this crime then it could be charged with wire fraud under Federal law. Moreover, if alleged embezzlement involved any federal agency or federal property then you will face federal charges of bank fraud mail fraud or other related offenses.

Federal prosecutors vigorously pursue these cases and have resources to conduct extensive investigations. If you are being investigated or have been charged with embezzlement/fraud then you need competent Federal defense lawyer who starts advocating for your rights immediately before making any statements to investigators getting caught in Federal criminal justice system.

One of skilled Federal defense lawyers at Spodek Law Group is Attorney Todd Spodek who has 20 years legal experience he will conduct thorough investigation mount robust strategic defense protect your rights fight against all odds.

Misappropriation Charges and Related Offenses

Misappropriation is a type of property theft that occurs when an individual entrusted with managing/monitoring another party’s money/property takes some/all money/property. Taking money/property itself is an act of theft but when combined with breaching special position trust considered as embezzlement.

Embezzlement can occur in various settings such as bank employees stealing customers’ money; company employees may embezzle company funds while financial planners take clients’ money. Regardless of the specific situation, the key element is betrayal of financial trust by one or more individuals.

If you have been charged with embezzlement, you may also be accused of other crimes such as robbery (petty theft/grand theft), fraud (forgery charges in addition to theft charges), wire fraud (cheating someone property using interstate electronic communications) bank fraud (deceit/misrepresentation to obtain money/property from a financial institution/bank’s depositors) and mail fraud(using mail to execute/attempts an embezzlement scheme).

We Help You Fight Embezzlement and Other Charges

Embezzlement cases are often complex involving difficult financial issues complicated documents/records. To effectively fight your charges, you need experienced Federal defense lawyer who understands white-collar financial offenses knows how prosecutors handle embezzlement cases.

At Spodek Law Group we leverage our experience expertise protect your rights defend aggressively strategically. We will dedicate ourselves investigating evidence in your case building strongest possible defense.

For example, we may demonstrate that you have been falsely accused/did not have criminal intent alternatively if prosecution attempts charge for multiple instances of embezzlement then we could argue incidents were part one scheme should be viewed as single offense.

Battle Embezzlement Charges with Aggressive Advocacy Experience Our Firm

No matter how serious the charges or how complex the case Attorney Todd Spodek will fight vigorously protecting your rights/future providing strongest defense possible resolving case favorably as possible.

Our law firm focuses on Federal criminal defense defending professional crimes. We understand how government builds its case against implementing customized defense strategies help get best results believe every client deserves utmost attention know battling Federal requires experience skill aggressive advocacy.

With legal expertise commitment excellence trust Spodek Law Group Attorney Todd Spodek handling your embezzlement case professionally compassionately contact us today schedule consultation begin building your defense.