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Federal Criminal Investigations Attorney

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Last Updated on: 9th August 2023, 05:36 pm

Federal Criminal Investigations Attorney: Why You Need One

If you or your company is under investigation by a federal grand jury, it is crucial to seek the representation of an experienced federal defense attorney immediately. The powers of a federal grand jury include ordering witnesses to produce documents and subpoenaing them before charges are filed or the trial begins. This means that even if you were not initially targeted in the investigation, you may still be arrested for prosecution later on.

The proceedings regarding such cases are treated with secrecy, which makes it essential to have a powerful federal defense counsel who can communicate effectively with both federal prosecutors and investigators. Experienced defense lawyers can identify whether you are just a witness giving evidence or being targeted for investigation. They can also help formulate appropriate responses when served with subpoenas.

Receiving information about such investigations requires individuals or companies to handle their evidence carefully since alteration or destruction of any record while making changes may lead to obstruction of justice charges. If your company or yourself were not involved in the purported crime but found guilty of destroying or altering records after receiving a subpoena, this would mean committing another criminal offense.

During an investigation into these crimes, an experienced attorney is important in protecting your rights as provided by the constitution. Our attorneys will engage prosecutors meaningfully as they invoke your right to remain silent during interviews with assistant US attorneys and federal agents handling your case.

Target Letters: What Are They?

A target letter refers to formal notification from the government that one has knowledge of criminal activities related to ongoing investigations by a grand jury into white-collar crimes like drug dealings. Receiving such letters shows there’s probable cause that one will get subpoenaed requiring testimony.

Target letters contain descriptions of alleged crimes committed that form part of ongoing investigations focused on by grand juries investigating white-collar crimes like drug dealings among others. These letters cite statutes whose interpretation could be challenging without legal assistance from experienced attorneys familiar with dealing with criminal cases involving state laws and regulations governing federal crimes.

What to Do When You Receive a Target Letter

Whenever you receive a target letter, it is advisable to contact an experienced federal attorney immediately. Legally, it’s not mandatory that one obtains legal representation after receiving such letters. However, getting one early enough is in your best interest since the consequences of failing to cooperate with agents handling your case could be dire.

Not every attorney understands the implications and consequences of receiving target letters. Therefore, when contacting an attorney for assistance, ask them how experienced they are in dealing with criminal cases involving federal states. This will help you make informed decisions on time since most people who get such letters may be low-risk individuals whom state agents believe can cooperate with them during investigations.

Crimes Considered Federal Crimes

Federal courts handle crimes similar to those handled by state courts but attract more severe charges if convicted. The team carrying out investigations into these crimes could have been doing so for months without your knowledge; hence seeking legal representation from experienced attorneys familiar with the federal system increases chances of avoiding charges or losing cases.

In conclusion, hiring an experienced federal defense attorney is crucial whenever facing investigations related to white-collar crimes like drug dealings among others investigated by grand juries under secrecy provisions governing proceedings regarding such cases.